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  1. Kalk Question?

    I'm a dummy. For some reason I used the kalk saturation #s (800/40) over 2 gallons instead of one. I also didn't factor in the dilution of the 34gallons. So 800/30 = 26.66ppm Ca contribution and 40/30 = 1.33meq/L contribution (3.724 dKH), full saturation assumed in 1 gallon of additive. Then dose accordingly for daily requirements. It still makes me wonder if the carbon dosing isn't causing calicium to precipitate: http://www.saltcorner.com/Articles/Showarticle.php?articleID=163 So, by dosing Carbon as the OP is doing, the "poker chips" are using up "all the space in the bowl" water can't hold the calcium which he's gotta keep dosing calcium in addition to the kalk. Is this incorrect? Apologies for the hijack, though it is somewhat relative.
  2. Kalk Question?

    If I understand this right, your 15g reservoir is at full concentration of kalk (2tsp/gal) and you're still not getting enough kalk through the ATO to keep all your levels up so you're using the minerals faster than you're able to dose. Have you specifically measured how much your evap/day is? Based on your note above, your Ca/alk usage over 4 days is 40ppm & 3 which would mean you're depleting 10ppm Ca/day and .75 Alk/day, however, that is including the Kalk supp you're already using. If Kalk solution at full saturation has 800ppm CA and 40meq/L Alk (within 2 gallons of water), then one gallon would be 400ppm and 20meq/L, respectively. You're using 10ppm Ca and .75alk/day so, in theory, you should only need .04gal (or 5.12oz) of fully saturated freshwater (spread throughout the day) to replenish levels. Once again, this is based off of your 4 day mineral depletion note above. Surely you are evaporating at least 5oz/day which is why Nano Sapiens dilutes his saturated mix as a 1/3 additive to his top off water. This doesn't take into account what you were already dosing to keep those levels though which I imagine wouldn't be too tough to factor that into the Kalk equation. WIth only a 34g solana, I really can't imagine you're able to exhaust a full concentration of Kalk faster than you evaporate unless its absolutely loaded with SPS/LPS that are growing like weeds. How much are you dosing two part? What is your daily evap rate? What is your mineral depletion without the Kalk addition? Have you thought about possibly cutting your Reef BioFuel carbon dosing down or dropping it to see what your Ca/alk/ph levels do with just the Kalk? While I'm no expert, those are just a few thoughts that came to my mind.
  3. This is overkill for a nano, but I was watching a video a couple weks ago of a guy with a 300g tank that would mix a 55g drum at a time. He put a bulkhead on the side of the drum at the very bottom and plumbed it into an extermal pump. Then he had the return dumping the water through a bulkhead at the top of the drum. Genius.
  4. Since you don't have any mechanical filtration (filter sock or sponge type media), how do you remove said detritus? Blast it off the rocks daily then suck it up and have spare saltwater ready? What kind of macro algae do you have growing, if any? Awesome tank. I'm a big fan of the minimalist, natural approach. Would you handle everything the same if this was a sips dominant tank?
  5. Kat's Ol' Max

    I'm almost positive you've answered this somewhere in the 600+ pages, but does your Mandarin take food or are you producing enough pods for him to stay fed? If it is pods, what's your total volume and how long did you "grow pods" before adding him in? Thanks! Beautiful tank btw.
  6. 3 Foot Long Nano - Video Update

    Beautiful tank. You could probably drill that 90deg angle piece in less than 5 minutes during a water change, add a small piece of airline tube and turn your powerheads on full bore. Might even be able to add those spinners.. The drain and return with powerheads for flow is brilliant. The dispersement the water causes when they hit each other has to be great for the corals. Curious, do you have your ATO and doser on a controller? How does that work? I'm looking at getting a 12L as an acro/SPS garden and, while I prefer as little automation as possible in a small tank (as I feel they can make you lazy), I also feel it's a must since the acros are going to be depleting calcium like crazy. If you use a controller, which one? If not, how do you have it set up? I didn't see any chaeto in your sump. Did I miss it or do you not run any? Any special reason? People keep mentioning that buildmyled is coming out with a multi-channel fixture but I can't see anything on it. I'm a big fan of the 20k coloring so I'd love to get the multi-channel fixture so that I can dial in the exact color I want. But again, I'd prefer not to get a controller so I'm wondering if they'll have separate power cords set up so you don't have to have a controller to get that sunrise/sunset effect. Thoughts? Last thing, the midas blenny for me is the helfrichs for you. By far my favorite fish, so much color and personality once they get used to it. To see your midas doing so great for so long really is what pulls me towards this 12L. I've got about 6 months or so before everything will be lined up for me to start mine up again and I'll post a build thread at that time. In the meantime I'll keep watching yours. Fantastic tank man. Just awesome.
  7. 75 Gallon Reef Tank

    no need to spot feed xenia.. I'm also interested in your treatment for parasites.. I think my blenny has a parasite, he's always scratching himself and looks anorexic but still eats fine..
  8. Calvin415's LED lit 12 footer

    I'm a big fan of the Yellow Eye Kole Tang as well as the Achilles Tang. I like the orange/gold in the Achilles tang. As far as a sand sifter.. how about a Yellow head sleeper goby or a diamond goby (or both).. If you get a goby/pistol shrimp pair, they REALLY keep the sand nice and given a good amount of time, they'll have a huge territory under the sand to keep it all sifted and moving. You could also consider a sand sifting star, I have one of them and they're fun to watch. Awesome build man, just awesome! BTW, the corals I got from you are doing fantastic!! Thanks so much!
  9. New Red sea max! am i overstocked?

    just needs a lionfish and half grown boxfish..
  10. Mandarin in biocube 29

    I've got a scooter blenny in a 20gallon that is quite happy. He eats pods all day plus frozen mysis when I feed in the evening and I even think he's going after flake now.
  11. Best Tank Size

  12. Uhhhhhh - you have to see this.

    meh, you can't get textures like that in 3DS MAX.. much easier to photoshop and then use as a skin.. on a side note, I think it looks real. I especially like how young blue tangs look, before their body catches up with their dorsal fin.
  13. dosing

    qball.. I have a spare 5 gallon jug with a lid and could do what you're suggesting, however, you said you have an air pump in the container? I'm assuming that's a typo or no? How does having an airpump pumping air into the kalk solution create a strong enough "head" to get the separate airline to travel up 2 feet to the tank? Could you explain exactly how you have it setup please? Thanks!!
  14. dosing

    Thanks frozen.. my only issue is for some reason I get kalk powder all over the place, and no I'm not leaking anywhere. It's gotta be getting evaporated and then the powder goes everywhere in the process. Weird.. I was looking around for articles regarding the same thing.. it says to add 15ml acetic acid (vinegar) per 1/2 tsp of kalk then add RO water to a 1qt container to bind the ions so they don't get wasted and thus will prevent heavy ph swings since the kalk won't need to use up the free CO2 in your tank. I'm thinking about giving it a try tonight when I dose.. comments/suggestions?
  15. dosing