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  1. blizzardscout2

    Reese's Stick 170

    So my Shark Nose Gobies have been creating a burrow lately. https://youtu.be/_ARDgfBi2CI
  2. blizzardscout2

    Nanobox Tide 9"

  3. blizzardscout2

    Kaleb's Clownfish Waterbox

    96 hours so far... 😀
  4. blizzardscout2

    Nanobox Tide 9"

    $165 shipped
  5. I have Oakley prescription glasses with contrast lens that make the colors pop just like that. Now occasionally I will sit and watch the tank at night with them. 😎
  6. blizzardscout2

    Nanobox Tide 9"

    Thanks Dave, I just found it was not going to be sufficient on the larger tank. I thought about my giant hands in a pico and thought no thanks. lol
  7. blizzardscout2

    Kaleb's Clownfish Waterbox

    After playing around with the rock, I thought why not place it in the tank and see how it looks. I found it wasn't tall enough and add some height to both stacks. Now I have them cemented and drying. Wow was that process sooooo much easier with having flat surfaces to marry together.
  8. blizzardscout2

    Nanobox Tide 9"

    Thanks Dave. I was misinformed. Sorry everyone.
  9. blizzardscout2

    Nanobox Tide 9"

    Sorry I’ve have a Radion 15
  10. blizzardscout2

    Kaleb's Clownfish Waterbox

    It certainly is, I have it in the kitchen where I sit and drink coffee in the morning so I keep playing with them until I finally know what I like the best.
  11. blizzardscout2

    Kaleb's Clownfish Waterbox

    Thanks Christopher! The Waterbox tanks are certainly made with quality in mind. I am playing around with the STAX rock currently. My thought was to have two positions for the bubble anemones to sit. Of course they have a mind of their own so you never know where they might go. That said one can hope. Here is a few pictures of what I came up with for now. The front doesn't look too impressive but I was trying to make it look good from the right as that is where his bed will be.
  12. blizzardscout2

    Kaleb's Clownfish Waterbox

    This will be a project tank with my 5 year old, Kaleb, in his room. I really liked the new aquariums by Waterbox and wanted something big enough for a bubble tip with clowns as that is what Kaleb wanted so I bought the Cube 15 gallon. I received it last week and the quality is very good. It even comes with a return pump and a few extras such as small filter sock and adapter for the overflow. The overflow is etched out of the glass making for a very slick look. I originally had bought a Nanobox Mini Tide M with a 9" neck with the intention of buying a 10 gallon, but I felt the 9" wasn't enough. I came across a good deal on a Radion XR15w Pro G3 and since I run Ecotech pumps in my 34 gallon, I decided to give one of their lights a try. My son is also interested in a symbiotic Pistol shrimp and goby so we may think about this too. So far the equipment used will be: Tank: Waterbox Cube 15 Light: Radion XR15w Pro G3 Controller: Apex Jr Heater: Cobalt Neotherm 100w x2 controlled by Apex (2 heaters for redundancy) ATO: Smart Aqua ATO with Advanced Acrylics reservoir Powerhead: Ecotech MP10 (will use covers when Anemone is added) Pump: EcoPlus Pump that came with Waterbox Skimmer: I have always wanted to try out a Mame, however the fragile top makes me want a Reefglass or Pico. Not sure yet. Biofilter: Stax Rock (Super cool product) and MarinePure 2" blocks from my 34 gallon. Sand: Still thinking about this. Glass Cleaner: Flipper Nano Dosing: Kalkwasser in ATO if needed. Seeing as though I have the RODI setup for my other tank, testing equipment, frozen food, etc it should be pretty inexpensive and easy to maintain after the initial investment. Livestock: Bubble tip Anemones (2-3 maybe) 2 Mocha Gladiators or Frostbite 2 Black Snowflakes I will see about the pistol and goby. If he really wants to have them, then I may add these guys first and the clowns second. The clown selection will depend on what my son wants, it is his after all! I am having a lot of fun playing with the Stax rocks to aquascape for his tank. They make it so easy to be creative and try things out easily. I may actually add more rock to my 34 using this as I have wanted to add a few small columns to the back corners. I will take my time and make sure I am satisfied before I get the tank wet.
  13. blizzardscout2

    302 Aquatics Algae Scrubber & MP10

    ATS $130 shipped Eshopps doser $160 shipped
  14. blizzardscout2

    Nanobox Tide 9"

    $175 shipped
  15. blizzardscout2

    I’ve finally got one...frogfish [pictures heavy]

    Frogfish are so cool, good luck to Baby Hellboy!