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  1. Blue Hypnea

    Ship using USPS 2 day priority. Comes in 1" ball for $21 each. I have 5 left. If interested paypal at blizzardscout2@gmail.com and I will ship out Tuesday at the latest, but will shoot for tomorrow or Friday if I get a few orders. In case you have never seen this macro algae, it is a beautiful blue color and can turn purple or red on the underside where shaded. It is a medium growing algae. IM me if interested.
  2. NanoBox Red Sea 170 : New Start

    I have found Scollis have some of the most fluorescent colors I have seen. Nice addition!
  3. NanoBox Red Sea 170 : New Start

    Looks great Dave, the Setosa fire is really cool. Not a color you see much.
  4. Reese's Stick 170

    Sorry Chris, busy with life. The package did great except the urchin didn’t make the trip. However the striped hermit is absolutely cool. And absolutely scared the bajeezes out of me when I was pulling out the bags one by one and placing them in the water by my face and there was what I thought at first glance was a tarantula. I resisted the urge to throw it πŸ˜†. We named him Tamatoa after the hermit crab in Moana. Unfortunately between a significant pH drop to 7.42 from dry ice 5 ft from my reef (Amazon Fresh order placed in sink by my mom not knowing what that would do) and pushing my PAR levels too high I bleached all of my SPS. 😞 chock that up to another bone headed move by moi. So I’m figuring out where I want to go from here. The one thing I missed most from this Reef is a puffer. Now that I don’t have SPS to worry about, I added a new friend with my kids help.
  5. Reese's Stick 170

    I placed an order from Reef cleaners for a cleanup crew plus a few extras. Should be here tomorrow. Just in time as I have some cleanup for them.
  6. Looking good! I'm sure the sponge will turn around. It will be interesting to see what you end up with in GSP.
  7. Hobbs's 8gal Nuvo Reef

    +1 for ATO. Best investment you will make.
  8. Holy Green Goby! That's a lot of gobies. I love gobies myself too. I was planning on adding 1, but I wasn't sure how my Sharknose would behave. On a side note, Lorax is a spot on name for your Starry. Matches their personality too. πŸ˜€
  9. Hobbs's 8gal Nuvo Reef

    Looks great, symbiotic relationships are really fun to see. The possum wrasse would be a great addition in time.
  10. I'm positive it will. You got skills. Reefing of course although Indiana Jones was a Dr too. πŸ˜€
  11. Reese's Stick 170

    Every time I see this I wonder... is he dead or asleep? Okay definitely asleep, good good. Wrasses are cool. 😎
  12. I missed out on your predator thread but oh my goodness was that cool. I look forward to see what you do with this one. So far so good!
  13. Does keeping your nitrate down have to be expensive

    Agree with overfeeding. Having adequate porous rock helps. I use Marinepure media in my sump just for that reason as I wanted a minimalist rockscape. A refugium is made up of growing macro algae for the purpose of uptake of nutrients added into the water such as nitrates and phosphates. Then you regularly harvest some of the grown algae that contains those nutrients. There are added benefits too such as healthy pod populations which is excellent for fish. RODI is a worthwhile investment that will pay dividends.
  14. NanoBox Red Sea 170 : New Start

    Thanks for the PAR levels. This gives me a good idea of what mine would be. Nice work.
  15. oogietank! ADA Cube Garden 45P

    It's been a while since I saw your thread. It looks fantastic. That green and purple frogspawn is awesome.