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  1. blizzardscout2

    Reese's Blue Spot ate my sticks 170

    After installing the refugium I realized the 1/2” drain was not sufficient for the flow I wanted so I drilled another 1/2” next to it and added strainers to both. I am using Bahamas Oolite sand and for now Red Dragon’s Breath Macro as I had a lot in my Reef in need of a haircut. That said if anyone wants some let me know.
  2. blizzardscout2

    Reese's Blue Spot ate my sticks 170

    Okay, I finished the refugium project today between windstorms and power outages. Drilling the glass wasn’t so bad. On another note I just noticed my Rainbow BTA split. Unsure why as all my parameters have been very stable and I’ve been feeding it. Both halves look very healthy. Problem is now I have to be ready to move other corals as the other half is on the move.
  3. blizzardscout2

    Scrappy's Lagoon

    Your aquascape is very nice. How did you make the gif?
  4. blizzardscout2

    Dave's 20g glass box 🎉

    I wouldn’t get too frustrated with the algae as your reef is still very young. Usually at a year it begins to get a lot easier to manage algae as your reef matures. Looking nice, love the RFAs!
  5. blizzardscout2

    Reese's Blue Spot ate my sticks 170

    I gave the sump a deep cleaning a few days ago and used the bucket head wet vac from Home Depot to rid of all the broken bits of MarinePure fragments and detritus, etc. I also found out how much detritus the MarinePure cubes contain as I took them and shook them in the dirty water in the bucket and one cube instantly turned it all dark green. Needless to say this was well overdue. I gave the Vectra S1 a good cleaning along with my NYOS 120. I also tested my dKH and it is dialed in my dosing to keep it stable. It has been at 9.5 for a couple days now. I will test daily to confirm its stability as I really would like improved coral growth. Between that and the direct feedings I a hoping that should do it. Up until now my dKH has had slow swings which I attribute to the slow growth. We shall see...
  6. blizzardscout2

    My first reef tank: Waterbox AIO 20g cube

    I like your selection of corals, lots of great color too. Most people don't like the bio balls because they tend to trap detritus which can negatively affect your water parameters, think increased phosphates and nitrates. The purpose of them is for increased surface area for bacteria to culture, however there are better alternatives out there with substantially more surface area that can could easily be moved or removed for maintenance than bio balls. As long as you keep up with maintenance of the detritus that could be accumulated around them, then it shouldn't become an issue. That Wyoming white clown is awesome by the way.
  7. blizzardscout2

    ADA - the 2 island reef

    I’m glad the drilling worked out. Seems like a really nice upgrade. Your reef is looking great, the 2 islands just works in that ADA. I’m a bit jealous as I have always wanted an ADA reef.
  8. blizzardscout2

    22g Mr Aqua AIO - BATTLEBOX IS HERE!!!

    Those look awesome! The Battle boxes never disappoint. I love the peninsula look, it is looking great.
  9. blizzardscout2

    Reese's Blue Spot ate my sticks 170

    Thanks, there are a few fish not shown, Buster the Starry blenny and Blue Lightning the Coral Beauty named by my mom and my 5 year old son respectively. They all get along great. The tank started out as a peaceful community however the Starry, the Clown and Anthias became aggressive so no more peaceful fish were allowed, except the Sharknose Goby. No one has a problem with them.
  10. blizzardscout2

    Reese's Blue Spot ate my sticks 170

  11. blizzardscout2

    Hammer coral problems

    Do you mean the entire head came off or just a few polyps or tentacles? If the entire head came off then I would say no. A few tentacles with the head still attached to it's skeleton than yeah I wouldn't be too worried. Just take care of the water and it should be fine.
  12. blizzardscout2

    Reese's Blue Spot ate my sticks 170

    Hi Christopher! I am doing well thank you, I hope the same to you too! My RS170 is doing great. I have a few newer corals since my last update. I have a Macro lens I have been meaning to play around with so I will take a few photos tonight and show you my progress. My fish are all doing well except one of the Sharknose gobies died unexpectedly a few months back without any warning. The other little guy is doing great though. I have a few new project in store for my sump with the addition of a refugium using the stock glass ATO. When I have time that is!
  13. blizzardscout2

    Hammer coral problems

    More than likely it will be fine. I prefer to remove the frags from the ceramic frag plugs anyways. I would glue it back down to wherever your preferred spot is since I am assuming it was doing just fine prior to this in that spot.
  14. blizzardscout2

    Kalkwasser strength

    I assume you are using a doser? If so the Kalkwasser solution that you create is at a certain concentrate and so no matter how much kalk powder you add the concentration will remain the same. I use a kalk stirrer and dose RO water into the container that when added drips the same amount of kalk solution into my sump. The benefit of this is that I can add more kalk powder than can be in solution that will dissolve into the solution as the solution is added to the sump. This requires less frequent addition of kalk powder over time. That said as my corals demands go up I still have to dose more to keep up. I have a 34g Reefer 170 and I dose a little more than 400ml daily.
  15. blizzardscout2

    Harry’s Reefer 350

    I just read through this, I’m glad to see a recovery, I know I have been there. It is so frustrating. Keep up the good work!