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  1. Chemi pure or Chemi pure Elite

    I use elite in place of carbon.
  2. Midwest Frag Fest

    I was there, I thought it was a pretty nice show. I wound up getting: Orange Monti Cap Sunset Poker encrusting monti Pink Birds Nest Acan Pocillipora AOG zoas No pics yet, I probably won't get a chance until I get back from vacaion in about a week.
  3. Ninja Turtle

    Every morning she googles "ninja turtle". Today she got lucky.
  4. Hold still, the Lounge is coming to you.

    What kind of water are you using? RO/DI? Have you checked the TDS?

    Warning: Lawnmower Blennies are great, but the can reach 4 to 5" and poop a lot. Take that into consideration.
  7. Proper Salinity

    I use a Mighty Mite from Air, Water & Ice. When I need to make some water, I pull it out and hook it up to kitchen faucet. When I'm done, I put it away in the basement. No muss, no fuss. The best investment I've made since I got into the hobby.
  8. What do you think?

    Very nice!
  9. blue tang in a nano?

    Throw one pod in there, then watch them fight over it.
  10. blue tang in a nano?

    If you do that, we'll have to go back to Mandarin fighting.
  11. Proper Salinity

    Depends on what you are planning on keeping. Most reef keepers shoot for 35 ppm.
  12. blue tang in a nano?

    One more and you could have your own basketball team.
  13. blue tang in a nano?

    Yes and No. Dead ones, yes. Live ones, not so much.
  14. No LFS options :(

    I feel your pain, I only have one LFS that even carries corals, and their selection is mediocre on a good day.