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  1. Yes, that's exactly how it was designed. Built by JBJ for their AIO tanks
  2. Selling my NanoGlo refugium light. Grows chaeto like crazy. Magnet mount. Excellent condition. $40 shipped
  3. Selling my Hydra 26 HD. Used for only 4 months or so before I took the tank down. In excellent condition. Includes the single point mounting bracket. $300 shipped or $275 local pick up in Sacramento.
  4. Quick update - Tank is running fine. Still ramping up the lights, but am getting some great colors out of the nems. I did have a bout with bubble algae, but tossed a few emerald crabs in and manually removed most of it, so it's under control. Currently working on a flatworm outbreak, but I added a yellow wrasse and he seems to be keeping them in check now. The clowns got too big and aggressive for the tank. They were laying eggs like clockwork and had to find a new home for them. I now have 22 nems in the 17 gal. Thankfully, they all stay pretty small. I keep having weird issues where one or two nems will lose all their tentacles and shrink, but once they do, they come right back and grow new tentacles. Otherwise, on auto pilot and doing well.
  5. Light has sold, controller still available - $75 shipped
  6. Good condition cleaned and ready to go Makes awesome bubbles! $155 shipped
  7. Excellent condition 360W tuna blue Comes with controller for scheduling and dimming capabilities.All wiring and hardware includedbest shimmer from an LED!$320 shipped
  8. No real updates on the Black Widow yet, just chillin in the QT tank. However, I did get a chance to clean the nem tank and snap some new pics -
  9. It's been a while, and a roller coaster ride with the tank, so here are some updates. I did end up swappping the pink LED for the white JBJ nano glo on the fuge. Unfortunately, no change in chaeto growth, and I am still battling cyano algae in there. Not sure what to do in there anymore. I felt like the Kessil just wasn't cutting it. The nems were stretching, and losing color. I've always had AI lights in the past, so I snagged a new Hydra 26HD and am in the acclimation process. This got rid of extra controller cords from the Kessil, and has so much more adjustibility. Glad I made the move. Still relatively low on the settings and ramping up, but the nems have responded well so far. After a few months with the rainbow nems, and everything was going well, I decided it was time to add a different color to the mix and I wanted red. I found a guy in WI selling a large aquacultured Black Widow bta and he shipped it to me. Acclimation went great and it was beautiful. The clowns had found their new favorite nem as well - Unfortunately, adding the Black Widow turned out to be a mistake. Almost a week after introduction, the BW started shrinking and staying closed a lot of the time, The clowns refused to leave it and were very aggressive with their "loving". It looked like some of the tentacles were damages, and actually had the white, squiggly "guts" coming out of a few. I made a nem box out of juice bottle to keep the clowns away so it could rest and heal. I was convinced the clowns just beat it up too much, but guys on the forums insisted that it was actually chemical warfare between the BW and the existing rainbows. Apparently, some higher end nems cannot be mixed with other nems - despite both varieties being aquacultured. I thought I was safe since neither were wild, but the only option was too remove the BW and quarantine it. So now, I have had to move away from the simple, single nem tank and add an additional QT tank (temporarily, of course). I didn't want to let the expensive BW just die, so I'll let it heal itself, and then I'll be able to sell it to another member locally, hopefully. Thankfully, I still have the Kessil for the QT tank. So, that's where we are today.
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