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  1. rockryno

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    It's been a while! I now have 18 nems from splits. They, unfortunately, have become much more stringy rather than bubbly, but they still have great colors and the clowns love them. I ditched the skimmer as i didn't really see any different results with it running, and it was such an eyesore.
  2. rockryno

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    I had some time today to mess around with the skimmer. Kind of an eyesore, but it's working! The AC70 and chaeto does nothing but collect detritus, and any slight adjustment clouds the tank. Skimmer seems to be pulling nasty stuff. I'll leave it on overnight. The problem - if I want to go skimmer only, i'll need another tank with different placement on the overflow. Hnmmm....
  3. rockryno

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    Lately, I've been contemplating skimmer options. I feed daily, and have never had this heavy of a bio load in any of my fishless SPS tanks. There are no visible ill effects beside the daily algae buildup on the glass - I have to clean Sundays and Wednesdays to keep it looking respectable. However, my HOB filter with chaeto does not seem to be doing well. The handful of chaeto has not grown a mm in over a month, and appears to be breaking down. I have the new IM cheato grow light ($70!) that makes everything look hot pink and I don't think its doing anything. In the past tank with identical setups, I've had white LEDs over the fuge and had crazy chaeto growth. I think I may swap the pink light out for a white LED. If that still doesn't help, I'm thinking of removing the AC70 HOB and replacing with a skimmer. A local club member sold me a Aquamaxx 1.5 HOB skimmer for cheap to experiment with. I've heard great reviews of the skimmer and have tested it on the tank and it does a nice job. However, being a 17 gallon tank, I want to make sure I wont be over-skimming if I swap and run it 24/7. Any thoughts?
  4. rockryno

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    nice job
  5. rockryno

    Aquamaxx HOB-1

    ive got a local club member letting me borrow his tomorrow overnight to test fit. if it fits, expect a pm.
  6. rockryno

    Do my BTAs look like they need more light?

    Thanks guys. I'll keep it as is for a while.
  7. With the new anemone tank, I'm slowly trying too figure our how much light these guys want. 17 gal tank. I have a singel Kessil A360W about 8" over the water, and they sit about 6" or so under the water as such - In this picture, the lights slowly ramp to 30% at peak, then back down during a 12 hour lighting cycle. They look fat and happy, but i can't tell if they want more light as they almost appear to be stretching - Noticing this, I've started to increase the lighting intensity by about 5% per day for the last two weeks. Zero change until i hit about 60% on the light intensity, they two of the smaller ones started to move around - but they moved to an area of higher light! The big ones remain as stretched as before. I continued to increase the light until I hit 80% with no change in anemone behavior. It seems like the clowns hide in the nems during the peak time, maybe it's too bright for them? So I went back to 50% where everything seemed cool and am now asking the question. I don't want to hurt anything, so should I keep increasing the lighting? Or do these BTAs look happy?
  8. rockryno

    Aquamaxx HOB-1

    any pics? is this different than the 1.5?
  9. rockryno

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    Still growing and now moving! Smallest one went from one side of the tank to the other in a day. Settled for now.
  10. rockryno

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    really nothing special. I just added eggcrate to the outlet to prevent chaeto from spilling over into the display and added a grow light. There, the chaeto just sits and grows. There's some good write ups out there which provide more detail - http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=601201
  11. rockryno

    New BTA only tank

    ah much better. Yes, yours look like mine with a little upward mobility desired. If you have the ability to adjust the lights, maybe crank it up a notch or two over the next week and see if you get any results. I turn my lights up 5% every other day to make it as comfortable as possible for them.
  12. rockryno

    New BTA only tank

    Very cool! I just come over here from your reply on my thread and see we have very similar ideas! Even our BTA rocks look similar. My last tank was bare bottom and I loved it, but I wanted the complete reef look with my BTA tank so I went sand again. Still undecided if it was a good choice. Luckily, my BTA rock came with a pair of hosting clowns already and they sure do love them. Yours will get there with time. Your lighting looks so dim in the pics. Ive had to crank my kessil up over the last few weeks as the nems kept stretching. I'll keep following.
  13. rockryno

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    Thanks! The tank is dead silent. The loudest part is the kessil fan. Tacos are a weekly staple in the house! We like to mix it up on different nights to keep things interesting
  14. rockryno

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    Thanks guys. I'll keep the overflow idea in mind. I have an ATO, so hopefully that wont be an issue. Keeping it simple with just nems and the clown pair. I've had the full blown mixed reefs and SPS specific tanks and so for this is a dream compared to those. I just sit back, watch the clowns do their thing, and the anemones wave in the breeze. No more worries of pests, RTN, constantly moving frags for optimal placement - no more tinkering. Just plug and play.
  15. rockryno

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    These things are getting big! One already split.