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  1. rockryno

    Kessil 360W with controller

    Still available
  2. Good condition cleaned and ready to go Makes awesome bubbles! $155 shipped
  3. Excellent condition 360W tuna blue Comes with controller for scheduling and dimming capabilities.All wiring and hardware includedbest shimmer from an LED!$320 shipped
  4. rockryno

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    No real updates on the Black Widow yet, just chillin in the QT tank. However, I did get a chance to clean the nem tank and snap some new pics -
  5. rockryno

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    It's been a while, and a roller coaster ride with the tank, so here are some updates. I did end up swappping the pink LED for the white JBJ nano glo on the fuge. Unfortunately, no change in chaeto growth, and I am still battling cyano algae in there. Not sure what to do in there anymore. I felt like the Kessil just wasn't cutting it. The nems were stretching, and losing color. I've always had AI lights in the past, so I snagged a new Hydra 26HD and am in the acclimation process. This got rid of extra controller cords from the Kessil, and has so much more adjustibility. Glad I made the move. Still relatively low on the settings and ramping up, but the nems have responded well so far. After a few months with the rainbow nems, and everything was going well, I decided it was time to add a different color to the mix and I wanted red. I found a guy in WI selling a large aquacultured Black Widow bta and he shipped it to me. Acclimation went great and it was beautiful. The clowns had found their new favorite nem as well - Unfortunately, adding the Black Widow turned out to be a mistake. Almost a week after introduction, the BW started shrinking and staying closed a lot of the time, The clowns refused to leave it and were very aggressive with their "loving". It looked like some of the tentacles were damages, and actually had the white, squiggly "guts" coming out of a few. I made a nem box out of juice bottle to keep the clowns away so it could rest and heal. I was convinced the clowns just beat it up too much, but guys on the forums insisted that it was actually chemical warfare between the BW and the existing rainbows. Apparently, some higher end nems cannot be mixed with other nems - despite both varieties being aquacultured. I thought I was safe since neither were wild, but the only option was too remove the BW and quarantine it. So now, I have had to move away from the simple, single nem tank and add an additional QT tank (temporarily, of course). I didn't want to let the expensive BW just die, so I'll let it heal itself, and then I'll be able to sell it to another member locally, hopefully. Thankfully, I still have the Kessil for the QT tank. So, that's where we are today.
  6. rockryno

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    Thanks! I'm considering it, but I dont think I have the time or supplies to make this a worthwhile effort right now. Although I would love to see little baby Clarkiis swimming around.
  7. rockryno

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    are you on the 916 facebook page? That's a great resource for Sacramento reef activity. I don't have any nems available yet, but when I do, and with past coral tanks, I post up there. Good luck with the new tank! Go with whatever tank you'd prefer, and let me know if you have any questions on the species tank. I chose this path for pure simplicity, and it hasn't disappointed yet.
  8. rockryno

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    Thanks! I've reverted back to only the AC70 with chaeto, and weekly water changes. In other news, I'm a grandpa now! We have eggs, although I have no idea what to do with them.
  9. rockryno

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    It's been a while! I now have 18 nems from splits. They, unfortunately, have become much more stringy rather than bubbly, but they still have great colors and the clowns love them. I ditched the skimmer as i didn't really see any different results with it running, and it was such an eyesore.
  10. rockryno

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    I had some time today to mess around with the skimmer. Kind of an eyesore, but it's working! The AC70 and chaeto does nothing but collect detritus, and any slight adjustment clouds the tank. Skimmer seems to be pulling nasty stuff. I'll leave it on overnight. The problem - if I want to go skimmer only, i'll need another tank with different placement on the overflow. Hnmmm....
  11. rockryno

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    Lately, I've been contemplating skimmer options. I feed daily, and have never had this heavy of a bio load in any of my fishless SPS tanks. There are no visible ill effects beside the daily algae buildup on the glass - I have to clean Sundays and Wednesdays to keep it looking respectable. However, my HOB filter with chaeto does not seem to be doing well. The handful of chaeto has not grown a mm in over a month, and appears to be breaking down. I have the new IM cheato grow light ($70!) that makes everything look hot pink and I don't think its doing anything. In the past tank with identical setups, I've had white LEDs over the fuge and had crazy chaeto growth. I think I may swap the pink light out for a white LED. If that still doesn't help, I'm thinking of removing the AC70 HOB and replacing with a skimmer. A local club member sold me a Aquamaxx 1.5 HOB skimmer for cheap to experiment with. I've heard great reviews of the skimmer and have tested it on the tank and it does a nice job. However, being a 17 gallon tank, I want to make sure I wont be over-skimming if I swap and run it 24/7. Any thoughts?
  12. rockryno

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    nice job
  13. rockryno

    Aquamaxx HOB-1

    ive got a local club member letting me borrow his tomorrow overnight to test fit. if it fits, expect a pm.
  14. rockryno

    Do my BTAs look like they need more light?

    Thanks guys. I'll keep it as is for a while.