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  1. I lied - FedEx decided to drop the collection cup from the last skimmer I was shipping out...and the ring that locks into the skimmer cracked. Obviously a refund and apology later - I now "still" own 1 skimmer. I lied again - all 3 sold.
  2. 1 LEFT ***As a sidenote - I just shipped a unit out to California from Florida for around $25. Keep this in mind for potential shipping on the last unit.
  3. 2x Perfect Condition - Gone Only have the scratched one left. Looking at the unit last night - the scratches look a little deeper now that the unit is dry and clean...they almost look like stress cracks which is weird as it's never so much as been dropped. The Skimmer performs flawlessly - just not sure why it has scratches on it... If you are interested in this last one - let me know and we can work a little on price.
  4. Not even close man - just a regular reefer. If you are surprised by how much I've bought and sold over the years - you aren't deep enough in the hobby and need to reconsider your level of commitment! I've had multiple tanks from 6 gallons to 300 gallons. 10 years into the hobby will force you to "have shit"...and buy new shit...and use old shit...and decide you want some other shit or more expensive shit...it's part of the hobby.
  5. Hello - Currently selling 3 NYOS Quantum 160 Skimmers. They are all in very good condition and have about 8 months of use. I gave them a good scrub down this weekend with vinegar and water so they should be fairly clean (unless you are OCD and want to disassemble them for spotless cleaning). There are a total of 3 for sale. New these retail for $499.99 + tax. These units are all very clean and work extremely well - absolutely nothing wrong with them, just a change in direction with the tanks they were on. 2 of them are in perfect condition [INDENT] I'm selling 2 of them for $XXX = Perfect Condition [/INDENT] 1 of them has scratches on the body from placement in the sump and also has the top of the collection cup damaged (the glass broke off from the top of it. Still fits snug - but has a hairline crack. Can be repaired with glue. DOES NOT IMPACT PERFORMANCE AT ALL) [INDENT] I'm selling 1 of them for $XXX due to the scratches and cracked glass under the top = Not Perfect Condition [/INDENT] I can ship - but will require EXACT Shipping Costs to be covered as I always get nailed saying "$10 for shipping and the item costs me $40+ after insurance and shipping costs to the middle of Montana" Any questions - please let me know. I have a tremendous amount of feedback on other sites under this same name where I've sold thousands of dollars worth of product: Scratch to body from sump: Cracked Glass on Lid: Cracked glass is BOTTOM LID:
  6. pimp4cheddar

    Stacks' new 20 gal. IM Peninsula

    Just curious - why do you really need a skimmer for a tank of this size? Do you find that one is absolutely needed? I don't have any advice on fitting one in since the back chamber is so slim...but I've seen hang on back or even externally plumbed skimmers that were hidden nearby (perhaps in a cabinet or something like that to keep them out of clear view). Also - where is this contest at? I can't find anything about it on the site :-/
  7. pimp4cheddar

    Stacks' new 20 gal. IM Peninsula

    Very solid update!!! Really good placement as well - works so well on that countertop!!! Looks like you're going nuts on this build. I'm simply going: Tank, Powerhead, Upgraded Return Pump, Chemipure and Filter Floss. No skimmer, No ATO, No Controller - I want to keep it really simple and basic. The 20 gallon looks big...actually bigger than I thought. I like it though! It's the lighting that I can't figure out as I don't want to mount a light and have it held up on both sides. I basically want an arm that sits over the rear (side) chamber and extends over to the middle of the tank...and I can mount an LED fixture to. Thinking the Hydra 26 might do the trick if I can find a way to mount it sideways (longways over the tank). Right now...the wife and I are in discussions to sell our house and buy another one. So I'm torn if I should just wait or buy this bitch now only to tear it down in 4 months lol How impatient am I...
  8. pimp4cheddar

    Stacks' new 20 gal. IM Peninsula

    Following and waiting. Thinking of buying the new 14gal Peninsula...but not sure if I should just go 20gal. Post some updates!
  9. pimp4cheddar

    Red Sea Max Nano (First Tank)

    Really dope scape. It's going to look amazing once it's filled out!
  10. pimp4cheddar

    Wazupjames IM Fusion 20g - 4/19/17 Equip Update

    Coming along real nice!