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  1. Stacks' new 20 gal. IM Peninsula

    Just curious - why do you really need a skimmer for a tank of this size? Do you find that one is absolutely needed? I don't have any advice on fitting one in since the back chamber is so slim...but I've seen hang on back or even externally plumbed skimmers that were hidden nearby (perhaps in a cabinet or something like that to keep them out of clear view). Also - where is this contest at? I can't find anything about it on the site :-/
  2. Stacks' new 20 gal. IM Peninsula

    Very solid update!!! Really good placement as well - works so well on that countertop!!! Looks like you're going nuts on this build. I'm simply going: Tank, Powerhead, Upgraded Return Pump, Chemipure and Filter Floss. No skimmer, No ATO, No Controller - I want to keep it really simple and basic. The 20 gallon looks big...actually bigger than I thought. I like it though! It's the lighting that I can't figure out as I don't want to mount a light and have it held up on both sides. I basically want an arm that sits over the rear (side) chamber and extends over to the middle of the tank...and I can mount an LED fixture to. Thinking the Hydra 26 might do the trick if I can find a way to mount it sideways (longways over the tank). Right now...the wife and I are in discussions to sell our house and buy another one. So I'm torn if I should just wait or buy this bitch now only to tear it down in 4 months lol How impatient am I...
  3. Stacks' new 20 gal. IM Peninsula

    Following and waiting. Thinking of buying the new 14gal Peninsula...but not sure if I should just go 20gal. Post some updates!
  4. Red Sea Max Nano (First Tank)

    Really dope scape. It's going to look amazing once it's filled out!
  5. Wazupjames IM Fusion 20g - 4/19/17 Equip Update

    Coming along real nice!
  6. Interesting...that makes sense though and cuts down on powerheads. Although one will still be needed in a 20 gallon tank. I assume the Eheim would be more ideal than the higher powered MJ1200? What would be your ideal setup for Filtration? I've seen a million ideas on this tank - but I'm always stumped as to what one can do with the limited clearance. I know the inTank Media Baskets are hard acrylic - so they don't bend and with cabinets overhead, there's no room to pull them straight out. So what ideal options are left avoiding the inTank Media Baskets?
  7. SWEET! Actually about to pull the trigger on a Nuvo 20 and have it replace my Fluval Edge on my kitchen counter. For the past year...I've been on the fence about doing it since the clearance isn't the greatest (considering the cabinets on top). How are you managing the filtration in the back chamber? Curious what your setup is since you'll be placing the tank in the same location I will! Definitely following this!!!
  8. Great points - the counter can take the weight. Not too concerned with cooking as I've had a tank there for 5 years (less than 10 gallons). I'm really just looking to see if anyone has specifically a Nuvo 20 on their counter that can add some insight in regards to servicing the tank as I don't plan on getting a skimmer or heater...it'll be carbon and other bagged media in the back...so I'm thinking the access might work but I'd like expert opinion before pulling the trigger. As for the lights - I'm going LED's and will mount it to the bottom of the cabinet so that's solved for...it's more of a question if I can get the media out from the back chambers.
  9. I have a Fluval Edge 6 gallon. Not the best to work with but I can squeeze in everything I need to do. I'm really looking at IM Nuvo dimensions as that'll be the tank. I think it might be too slim to squeeze in :-(
  10. Hello beautiful people! I think I've played out my current setup and I'm 97% sure I'm going to get a Nuvo 20. My only concern is that it'll be in my kitchen...sitting on my counter top right under my cabinet. Typically the cabinets sit 18 inches above the countertop and mine follow that same law...so I'm looking to see what people have done with the limited clearance they have. What light has been used and how the access is considering the tank sits 13 inches tall. Is the 5 inches or clearance enough to work on the tank? Have a lighting unit (if so - which have people used)? Is there enough room to remove the filters in the back? Any help would be greatly appreciated before I pull the trigger :-)
  11. Need LED Strip for Fluval Edge

    I know - I don't have any time to take on something like this so I was really hoping to find something. If you had the 453nm lights (all blue), I would have purchased them all from you. I need something to supplement the Daylight LED's over the tank.
  12. Need LED Strip for Fluval Edge

    That looks like an option. I'll look further into them...but I wanted something that was ready to use and not needing to be built. 12" in far too long. I need something 6.5" or shorter to fit inside the top. Basically I need something like this: EcoTech stopped making these small ECOPICO LED Strips so now I need to find an alternative for my tank :-( The ones I had burnt out...so now my corals are getting half the light they normally would and none of the color. The stock lights are 36 (low-powered) daylight LED's. I need something to supplement them so any insight from the folks here would be huge!
  13. Need LED Strip for Fluval Edge

    So I was using a 453nm EcoPico LED Strip in addition to the standard LED lamp that comes with the tank. My EcoPico burned out...the only store carrying them is sold out as Ecoxtic discontinued these and i need to figure out a replacement that size. It was less than 6 inches long (about)...and focused on being a 453nm focused LED fixture. Is there anything on the open market that I can buy that will help add additional lighting to the tank?? I've looked and cannot find anything!
  14. Sold.

    Those these include the hanging kit from EcoTech?
  15. Very nice! Thinking of buying the 170 version...