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  1. Crab ID needed, possibly Trapezia sp?

    Guess i'll toss him out then, thanks for the help guys!

    Wanna send a tank to Australia? I'm keen if so! 18x10x10 Drilled in the rear, top corner. I would put a glassholes overflow in it like my current tank. 1 3/4" on one side, 1 1/2" on the other. Definitely painted black! Who doesn't love a free tank? Would love to set up a shallower tank than what i have now (30 x 18 x 18). Have always wanted to do a full zoa garden tank.
  3. Crab ID needed, possibly Trapezia sp?

    Will keep that in mind, thanks! He's probably 3/4" across so quite a big one.
  4. Crab ID needed, possibly Trapezia sp?

    I've never seen it wander up to the acros i had but i'll keep it and throw it back in then, thanks!
  5. Hey fellas, Just pulled my tank down to get rid of the rocks due to aiptasia and algae issues.. so i can start fresh when breaking one of the rocks to free a coral i found this little guy. He's been in the tank over two years now with no issues.. but i'm wondering if he's reef safe to keep him, or throw him out on the lawn. After having a gander on some sites from google, it looks like it may be a Trapezia sp.. due to colours and the black claw tips. Anyone have any other ideas? And is much known of these if that is an accurate identification? Thanks! Whoops, a picture would help..
  6. World's Best Skimmer

    I don't live too far from the sunny coast, and heard from a few friends about it as well as seeing the videos all over facebook. I cringe at it because the majority of the population don't have a clue what that foam truly is. An hour down south where i live, we just copped insane winds, flooding and torrential rain.
  7. Putting Sand In Reef

    If you have an empty tank (minus water) then just dump it in. Do you think the sand gives a shit if the water is hot or cold, salty or not? Its sand.. Just throw it in, and level it out or move it as you please.
  8. Any good reefing insatgram accounts

    You guys just haven't realized how many local hot #####es you can find on there Also, just found this on that link. Would be a cool way to do a center piece for a tank. Edit: Wow, that looks like crap. Anyway you'll have to go look yourselves
  9. Glass holes overflows

    Their as good as they look. ####ing love the one in my tank. Would use again for sure.
  10. Sumpless 40B SPS Idea

    I personally wouldn't run a marine tank without a sump. Keeps equipment hidden, extra water volume, can have a refugium section.. what more do you want? As far as complexity of having a sump.. i mean, unless your dumb its not even complicated. Get two holes drilled, add an overflow box and a return line, do some plumbing.. and add a return pump and away you go. If plumbers can get stuff done, then someone who wants to own their own slice of the ocean should be able to. I know a few plumbers, their dumb as dog ####. It isn't difficult.
  11. "Plate" Coral ID.

    Hahaha. Yep, i just googled again and had a more in depth look and i'd say its a Pagoda. Thanks for the replies fellas!
  12. "Plate" Coral ID.

    Cheers for the replies. It does look similar to that species although Liveaquaria says they are a LPS, there isn't anything stony about the one i have.. its texture resembles that of a leather coral, so when searching for leather, leather plate ect i couldn't find anything.
  13. "Plate" Coral ID.

    Hey fellas, i just picked up this from my lfs, really nice colour and the polyps opened up super fast so the coral seems to be enjoying its current placement within my tank. I'd love to know exactly what it is as my lfs simply called it a "Plate" which lets face it, its not. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  14. Dying Leather? Blue Ridge Coral?

    Haven't had a leather coral for years but i know from when i did keep them that the slightest thing would piss them off, and that they would also randomly close up and go glossy for a few days and then you'd wake up the next day and it'd look fine.
  15. Their both gone now, but it died like a year later so i doubt it was from the glass haha.