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  1. LF: nice AIO tanks 25gal +

    Very good call, I have been looking at them and after searching through multiple forums im thinking about biting the bullet and buying something brand new from them, Great looking tanks they have
  2. Hey all, I dont post here much since i am canadian and am not really big on shipping, But I am currently looking for a nice all in one tank- something preferably over 25gallons and something decent to look at. RSM, Cadlights something like this. Please let me know Thanks Trigs.
  3. Fluval Edge Tank Thread

    I have been a member here for some time, yet never posted anything i have had. Currently running a LED fluval edge here is my Current FTS. FTS. Aussie Duncan. New Zoas. Been running for around a month, with water from another tank as well as frags Iphone pics...