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  1. coral stings or black ich on clown?

    When I had an anemone my clowns had the same issue with black spots from buffering the anemone but they went away over time. Since you don't have an anemone or any stinging type of coral that could mark the fish I think it's sick. I've never dealt with black ich so hopefully someone else can chime in. But in the mean time you should set up a small quarantine tank. This will help alleviate issues like this on future purchases cause if it is any form of ich your gonna have to have a fish free tank for some time to make sure all stages of it are dead and gone
  2. Dinoflagellates sps frags

    Broke the tank down and rip cleaned everything in hot water until all the slimy film was removed from everything. Since I blast the rock everyday there was practically no detritus build up in it but my sane bed was nasty as hell...but smelled like fresh ocean water when I stirred it up. It had taken me almost an hour to have it clear enough that it fell to the bottom with barely any silty stuff. The snails i tooth brushed in luke warm water and let them sit in freshwater for an hour lost only 3 out of 18.
  3. Dinoflagellates sps frags

  4. Dinoflagellates sps frags

    Is there any way to save /dip snails I just got me crew about 2 weeks ago would hate to just dump them
  5. Dinoflagellates sps frags

    I'm going to deep clean and dip all the coral this weekend and remove the sand bed until this dino crap is over with. I've read that dinos go dormant in the sand both in fresh and saltwater when the environment isn't ideal for them so I figure no sand- one less problem to deal with
  6. Dinoflagellates sps frags

    Kat what's your dilution for sps?
  7. Dinoflagellates sps frags

    Sps I have are 2 monti frags 2 acropora valida frags and an ora bird of paradise. Thats what I'm worried about I know the zoas can handle h202 and fresh water.
  8. Dinoflagellates sps frags

    I know it's dino long brown bubbly snot strings I syphone them out and within minutes they're back stringy as ever. I've had them with freshwater planted tanks and did a mild bleach cleaning to get rid of them but was scared as shit to try it in saltwater.
  9. Dinoflagellates sps frags

    So after i dropped nutrients dinos exploded in my 4 gallon nano. Anyone know how I can dip and transfer sps frags without spreading this crap?
  10. Aquaforest Pro Bio S is awesome

    No it won't. It was brought in from frags and I created the environment for it to show up. The Pro S helped me drop nitrate and phosphate and in doing so I starved the hair algae and bryopsis which alliwed the dinos to have a non competitive environment.
  11. Aquaforest Pro Bio S is awesome

    Yeah just vinegar. I had to stop dosing because a massive dinoflagellate bloom just popped up and carbon apparently fuels it which seems to be true in my case. But yes vinegar worked for me with the Pro Bio S. Cyano gone and hair algae turned brown and white within 2 days of stripping the water of nitrate and phosphate.
  12. What worked for me was a decent skimmer, replaced carbon and gfo 2x a week, vacuum out as much as possible with a 3 day lights out and hammered it with red slime remover as a final effort for another week without carbon. I've been cyano free for 3-4 months. But now battling dinos lol. Gotta love this hobby Check your well water for silicate cause my dino issues started when i ran out of gfo while using well water for top off and water changes. So use gfo it binds silicate as well as phosphate and kept dino at bay with well water.
  13. Aquaforest Pro Bio S is awesome

    Having issues with high nitrate 40ppm(20ppm post w/c on 8/22), hair algae, bryopsis and some cyano in a 4 gallon so I ordered the Pro Bio S and dosed a full dropper of bacteria and 2ml of vinegar on 8/23. Each day after I did 2ml vinegar and 2 drops Pro Bio S and as of this morning 8/27 nitrates undetectable with API and phosphate 0.03 This stuff works as advertised and with a lee's cc protein skimmer and no special media I dropped nitrates within 5 days. I paid $10 on Foster&Smith and for something so cheap it works I highly recommend it
  14. Bryopsis first time

    I have the marine pure 1.5" spheres which is more for the nitrification. Ive been running them for over 3 years on every tank I've had without nitrate issues until now. I run 1 sphere per gallon of water after experimenting with turtle tanks and how much bio load they can handle. But, I forgot that all of my reef tanks had caulerpa in them for nutrient control so never had detectable nitrate/phosphate. This is my first true nano(4 total gallons) in 6 years and tank without macro algae because I want sps without the hassle of macro in a small tank. Since removing the marinepure spheres and changing to aquaforest reef salt from IORC this week my tanks PISSED!!!!!! But nitrate has stayed at 5 and phosphate 0.03 since monday so finally got nutrients down now time to get this algae under control so I can start a tank thread with decent pictures lol. Now to see if I can use crushed marinepure spheres as media for an ulns system