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  1. Funny video I made with clown fish enjoy
  2. Shy couple

    My clownfish hosting a RBTA
  3. You looking at me

  4. Nano mag cleaning my barebottom tank magnet is strong
  5. Full Spectrum LED tank pictures

    He is still small waiting for a bigger tank
  6. Full Tank shot

    Aquastyles LEDs are doing great over my tank
  7. Full Spectrum LED tank pictures

    Update 40B LEDs working great
  8. Corals under Aquastyles LEDs

    Thanks ww/cw/cyan/DR/RB/UV around 52 LEDs over my 40B
  9. Corals under Aquastyles LEDs

    Doing better with LEDs than 4 T5HO
  10. FTS 8-17-2012

    looks nice
  11. Welcome to my world

  12. Bubble Tip Anemone White Strings?

    If it look like this its just pooping
  13. Show Off Your Anemone

  14. No caption

  15. New snuggie for fish