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  1. Ten Gallon Contest Thread *Finished*

    We're happy to be a part of this contest. I really do like nanos and look forward to watching this thread over the next 6 months. Good Luck to All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Snowflakes are very, very rare. so rare that ORA has only released 6-8 this year. When we get them from ORA as juveniles we sell them for $400 each. Once we post that we have one, it usually lasts no longer than 30 minutes. We currently have a waiting list of 14 that want them, most want two. $700 for an adult is a really fair price, $400 is a "gift". I'm glad to see Eric decided to keep it as it's worth far more than that.
  3. WTB **** Oregon Tort frag

    We have the ORA Oregon Tort in stock. you get 15% off as a member of nano-reef.com. Use code NANO15 for discount. Oregon Tort
  4. Hey, we have superman monti's in stock. Not to far from you. $60. Superman Monti