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  1. Whats the gallonage of the tank.
  2. I know this is completely off topic for the forum and all, but I just used it today and it's an amazing deal. If an admin wants to remove this post this is fine. I always find myself purchasing stuff and usually expensive stuff. On this site I got up to 6% cash back for making a purchase I would have made already. Here is a LINK You get between $5 and $10 for signing up. When you click the link sign up as it give me a referral. Enjoy. Post if you have a question about it.
  3. DIY Automatic Restart Timer for 120V Devices

    Glad it did. Always happy to help someone else out.
  4. What coral is this

    Thats the best I can do with my stupid point n shoot.
  5. What coral is this

    I'll try my best to get a better one today.
  6. What coral is this

    Ill make sure it has room and see if it looks like it once it gets better and less bleached looking.
  7. What coral is this

    yeah. I placed it towards the top in lots of light. I hope it does well.
  8. What coral is this

    Its stony though ...
  9. What coral is this

    I mean the green one in the middle. I only have a crappy point and shot and not my Nikon so its photo sucks. There is no artificial light above the sump. The sump is actually on the same level as my tank so it might get a some light from the MH over the display.
  10. What coral is this

    Stony. Its a light neon green color.
  11. What coral is this

    I was gone for a month and this started growing in my sump. I moved it to my display part of my tank. What is it? Sorry for the crappy photo.
  12. How to Lower Salinity

    You could remove a small amount of tank water daily and replace with RO water.
  13. ro unit

    Ill have to try that with a few of mine.
  14. Help Lighting

    I have felt LEDs are too expensive yet and MH just give an amazing amount of light.
  15. 450 GPH power head for ten gallon?

    I have the same thing. The nano sized one in addition to a powerhead.