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  1. Make me an Offer!

    <a href="http://s680.photobucket.com/user/northstar1357/media/FullSizeRender.jpg.html"target="_blank"><img src="http://i680.photobucket.com/albums/vv168/northstar1357/FullSizeRender.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo FullSizeRender.jpg"/></a> Sorry all the corals died after i got home last night. i have disassembled the tank and the only left is the hood with the Creed LED. Willing to sell for $80 dollars it comes with Moon Night and duel fan plus splash guard. what you see is what you get. Pick up only in NY. or make me an offer! Thanks I also have RKL in MINT condition. $80 dollar pick up too Take both for $150!!
  2. Make me an Offer!

    Hi, I am bumping this thread. I been busy lately and have neglected my tank. I will willing to sell the tank and everything that is still alive for $150. pick up! let me know. This includes NC12, with LED upgrade. one clownfish left. one died. RKL, stand, live rock, ZOA, mushroom coral, hammer coral. Selling ASAP
  3. Make me an Offer!

    bumping this and i'll reduce price to $400 I think this is a steal After thinking about it, i am willing to part corals first but still pick up as i don't have experience shipping live stocks. 10+ head hammer $80 7 large Green Hairy Mushroom $70 2 Ricardia $20 A lot of Zoa $60 (over 200 heads) or take all corals for $200. After i sell my corals i'll sell equipments, tank and stand, Also i have a paired percula clown $70 or take all for $400!!!! I am parting from this hobby as i don't have much time on my hand lately...
  4. Make me an Offer!

    $450 you take all pick up in Brooklyn. Let me know Sorry i don't want to part. i would like someone to take all if possible. Or if you have a baby Yorkie to trade
  5. Make me an Offer!

    I will also be selling my NC12 with LED, clownfish Pair plus all equipment. This is what i have. -10lb Live Rock -2 True Percula paired Corals: -at least 10 head Hammer coral -Green Hairy Mushroom at least 7 -2 Ricardia -Bunch of Zoa over 200 heads -Equipment -NC 12 Tank with LED upgrade -MJ 1200 -Media Rack -Nano Korillia -NC12 Stand -RKL - This is for pick up only (Brooklyn NY), I will not ship. If you are interested, make me a reasonable offer.... Edited: I would like to sell everything for $450 dollars, i think its a deal
  6. Used MP10 non wireless

  7. Used MP10 non wireless

    Here is the link to Ebay if you wish to buy it there instead. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vortech-mp10-es-/321658658992?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4ae459a0b0http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vortech-mp10-es-/321658658992?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4ae459a0b0 Thanks again for looking. I also have corals for sale, hammer coral with 9 heads for $70 and Green hairy Mushroom for $100 (7 spread across 2 large rocks)
  8. Used MP10 non wireless

    This is NON WIRELESS just ES Thanks Stevie for clarification
  9. Used MP10 non wireless

    Here are the pictures, i haven't been on nano-reef since they changed the website LOLZ. been really busy but still have my tank Although manuf date 2011, it was only used for 1 year in my tank then i stored it away thinking i would upgrade my tank but that isn;t happening sigh. Not sure if this is the right way to post pictures, they changed the policy?
  10. Used MP10 non wireless

    Will post tonight, NY got a log of snow, been busy clearing the road Sorry about that.
  11. Used MP10 non wireless

    I have a used MP10 non wireless asking $140. Your pick your choice of shipping at your own cost. I still have original box and everything... Will post picture of item tonight.
  12. Hi, I have: 1) Hammer Coral 9 Heads $70 2) 7 Hairy Green Mushroom. Each one expands 3 inches when fully opened. $100 3) 2 green/orange Ricordia $20 Bunch of Zoas and a Waving hand Xenia. 30 dollars Pick up only NYC. Interested, please email me. Thanks, Hong I'll also post my MP10 non wireless up. Pictures will come tonight after i get off work.
  13. Zoa colony for sale

    Or make an offer. But local is preferred.
  14. JBJ pico 3 gallon for sale

    Thank you, It was only used to house my clownfish with no medication. (mainly use to pair my clownfishes before i put them in my larger tanks) I have washed the tank and stored away for over a year now. Just found it after looking through my home Thanks
  15. JBJ pico 3 gallon for sale

    I am selling my jbj picture tank. It was never used as a saltwater tank. only used as a hospital tank. $20 dollars pick up only. Comes with original box NO LIGHT. zip code here is 11220 if interest