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  1. JNS Skimmer is dialing in pretty well. I may need to change water level or modify something to reduce micro bubbles.
  2. Awesome looking fish, great markings on the both of them.
  3. After weeks of cycling & testing all appears good to go. I added the first coral tonight a small Eagle Eye Zoa frag and it was open and looking great within 20 minutes.
  4. Dude not only does the tank look amazing that is going to be a killer matching light, plumbing and sump set up!! Just WOW!!
  5. Yes the plan is to stay bare bottom and have a minimalist feel to it, cover the bottom areas in coral to make it look more natural.
  6. Nice addition of the Midas Blenny, they are full of character. In my 60 Cube a good 10 years ago it was one of my favorite fish hands down.
  7. Thanks! I am very pleased with the stand and as far as the light goes I am liking it a lot. I've had a Radion and Kessil in the past on different tanks and by far I am liking this light above both of those. It was super easy to setup and the color and transitions between full sun and cloudy etc are smooth as can be. Super easy to use and adjust from a phone where I thought the Radion programming was a bit difficult from a PC.
  8. Tonight was cable management time, turned out pretty decent.
  9. 10+ days of cycling, dosing Aquavitro Seed, running the Bio Pellet Reactor & dialing the skimmer in and we should be ready for some zoas this weekend.
  10. He definitely is not excited about it, he has had 8 great years of enjoying Reef tanks and expects results.
  11. Our dogs Breslin the Boston Terrier and Cheena the French Bulldog
  12. I am digging the waterfall setup, very cool thought to turn it into a reef, absolutely genius!
  13. Off to a great start, I will be checking back to see what type of Scape you end up with.
  14. Our cat Remmy patiently waiting for things to become more exciting to watch.
  15. It has almost been two years of being out of the hobby due to selling our old home & purchasing a new house and we are finally diving back in! We are currently going on a week of cycling & dosing bacteria so not much for pictures as of right now. I ended up getting the skimmer running late last night and so far so good. Things I plan to get done the remainder of this week is cable management, get the MP10 Controller mounted and possibly add a small Zoa Frag this weekend pending all test results. Equipment List: Innovative Marine Drop Off Abyss NanoBox Duo Plus M EcoTech Vortech MP10 Sicce 1.5 Return Pump Cobalt Neo Therm 100 Watt Heater JNS HOB Skimmer Innovative Marine Media Reactor Tunzo Nano ATO DIY ATO Container IKEA Besta Stand w DIY Riser