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  1. Another shucks on no shipping! Great looking frags!
  2. I'd like to be added to the list when these guys are available again, thanks!
  3. This Euphyllia which they said was a morph.
  4. A few pictures of the Acans and Euphyllia I picked up over the weekend. Hungry little guys.
  5. No doubt, skimmer cup was cleaned after the picture but I have been very happy with the skimmer so far.
  6. Getting this Skimmer dialed in pretty nicely!
  7. Looks great & nice selection of coral, now that the first few corals have been in my tank for month or so I finally feel safe adding more. I am looking for some Gorgonian, Tyree Neon Green Toadstool, Purple Torch, Flame Algae and some more zoa's and a nice scoly for my next purchases.
  8. Thanks we have had Breslin the Boston Terrier for 8 years now and Cheena the French Bulldog for 2.5 years now, both are rescue dogs and we love them to pieces.
  9. Hopefully picking up 5-6 heads of Bi-Color Frogspawn by the end of the week.
  10. Very happy with these two I picked up from a well known breeder in the Midwest. They paired up quickly, tried to get good pictures of the helmet, cheek and other patterns of them but they are still super shy.
  11. A 10 gallon water change and we added a pair of Picasso Clownfish today! The tank is finally maturing with some algae growth & have a cleanup crew arriving Wednesday.
  12. I am trying to dial this Duo in over IM Drop Off, any changes or suggestions to what I am currently running. I have zoas/palys on upper half and Duncan's and Elegance on the lower half.
  13. That is too cool, great photo! Did you end up working a deal out with that guy on RC for the white skimmer?
  14. Tank is really looking great Kat!