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  1. Mr. Blenn as my daughter calls him. He is a huge fan of North Fin Krill Pro pellets left over from my Frontosas
  2. Looking great Brad!
  3. Happy Easter everyone!
  4. That Gorgonian is simply amazing!
  5. Sorry about the loss of the Firefish, years back when I had a 60 Cube a Midas Blenny went missing later that week I came home from work and my cat had him in his mouth. He would carry it around then drop it and do this weird thing with his mouth wide open and just stare at it, poor guy was crispy as can be.
  6. Thanks I am pretty happy with how things are moving along, I added some Petroglyphs, Monti Cap and a Tailspot Blenny last night and hope to get some pictures tonight. I ended up leaving the reactor off for a few days and dosing Microbacter7 and everything cleared up, dumped half of the Bio Pellets out and it has been running clear for two days now, so hopefully it is all dialed in now. I believe the bloom's had something to do with too much pellets being added as well as my wife spraying aerosol air freshener in the living room and near the fish tank, so to be safe we will stick to plug in's and candles only.
  7. Thanks! I added some Petroglyphs, Monti Cap and a Tailspot Blenny last night hope to get some pictures tonight.
  8. The issue is the cone/base is small and blows it around. I finally decided to wedge it under the large rock and it has stayed out with the flow. Still battling issue with bacteria bloom anytime I turn the Bio Pellet reactor on, wondering if tank is just too new to run it.
  9. Props to you on how you get the Elegance to stay out with barebottom, I think I just have to much Flow and it wants to blow it all over the tank
  10. A shot of it open more
  11. While picking up a refractometer from a local Reefer I could not pass up this little Elegance Coral with blue tips for $50!
  12. Looking Great Teeny!
  13. Pretty excited I scored the zoa's, paly's & Duncan's for $50. A local Reefer has a really nice Blue Tipped Elegance coral for $50 I plan on picking up Thursday. Late April I am headed to Chicago and hope to find a Borbonious Anthias for a decent price.
  14. A couple pictures.
  15. A quick video added Sunny D & Rasta Zoas as well as a Duncan frag today. Tank update