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  1. UPS is overnight if close enough for shipping and it still ships at the ground price.
  2. It seems to be of very much higher quality and the clarity is amazing! Very very happy with the customer service & switch to glass!
  3. Water cleared up and a free Flower Nem for my birthday from a local reefer!
  4. Looked great the first day but due to new bio pellets in the reactor I have cloudy water again.
  5. Pretty happy this got delivered today, time for a restart!
  6. Looking Great as Always Teeny!
  7. Well after a little bit of waiting I received some great news today from Innovative Marine, they will be sending out the new Low Iron Glass version of the Drop Off sometime next week.
  8. I scored the Blasto from CJ Corals he is up towards the Rockford area and has a great selection of LPS and Zoa's, the Duncan's have this weird Tri-Color thing going on very cool but a slower grower compared the other Duncan's in the past and slowly but surely for the Sunny D's.
  9. Top Down
  10. Just clowning around
  11. Random Photo Dump!
  12. I have requested a replacement of the new glass Drop Off since the Acrylic are now discontinued and that I have $200 plus into the stand for it. I also mentioned all of the equipment for it and how it fits our living room, I forgot to mention the hassle of switching over a tank.
  13. It really stinks because I did a water change last night and tried to use the sponge to scrub some of the algae away and it is now not budging and obviously I can not use the magnet cleaner otherwise it will scratch the tank up further and the worry the tank may spring a leak, needless to say I just fired off another e-mail to Brian at Innovative Marine Warranty Dept.
  14. Well hopefully I hear something soon it has been 24 hours since I sent over my receipt as requested and I still have not heard anything back.
  15. I had read on a few site's that the retail price for the glass one is going to be $400, I would hope they understand the hassle of taking down a tank to put another back up again and then having go to a UPS or FedEx to ship the old tank back would warrant replacing the defective one with the new current model they are selling. I still have not heard back from Innovative Marine on what they will be doing for me and I sent additional pictures to them last night.