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  1. Salifert test kit

    Got mine from DFS and mine seems to read low, just got it last week though and expires 1/2020. Was going to test tomorrow and test the reference solution at the same time, might as well test today. All other tests were in range for reef params, but Alk at 5dkh.
  2. RODI faucet adapter

    I actually went as far as turning off the hot water under the sink as I've seen your posts for the last couple years always saying cold water is better for the system. Thanks for all the help everyone. Seems like the system has been a great success and I no longer have to worry if I can find distilled at the local grocery store or not and if it's actually 0 tds, tested it now though and it is 0.
  3. RODI faucet adapter

    The 75* might be slightly off, I was using a different faucet and didn't run it that long. But I'm on the third floor of an apartment and it's been the warmest summer ever in WA. 1-2 tds out the RO and 0 in the DI side. My membrane is rated for 90gpd. I was quite worried at first by the better than 3:1 ratio when I first did the math and the high product rate.
  4. RODI faucet adapter

    That's the one I ordered and am currently using. I've been running it for an hour now with no real hiccups. It's at 60-62psi constantly (at RO) with at temp around 75*F. But I'm getting a ratio of 932ml waste : 366ml product for a ~136gpd. I know that something is not right so I come to you guys for advice on what I should do to remedy this issue. Oh tap is 63ppm.
  5. RODI faucet adapter

    That's the one I ended up going with. I didn't go with an underneath the sink setup initially as I only plan to be in this apartment for a year and a half longer and don't feel like investing the effort to work on the line, maybe down the road if I get tired of dealing with the faucet. When I finally go for a house, then I plan to have a T setup with the washing machine or utility sink line if there is one. If I end up requiring a booster pump I'll flip a few desks, get over it, and figure something out.
  6. RODI faucet adapter

    Our refrigerator does not have a tube going to it as it doesn't have an automatic ice maker or dispense water. I'm going to go with CrazyEyes solution after more research it looks like the best bet.
  7. RODI faucet adapter

    I'm in the market for an rodi system, but am in an apartment. Our bathroom sinks don't have access to their threads, but the kitchen sink does. I'm avoiding the laundry lines as they are rather difficult to get to and not much room to tighten a T fitting on there. And under the sink I plan to do down the road, but not in the cards at this moment. I know I have a male threaded kitchen sink and I was wondering if this would fit on it: http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/mur-lok-garden-hose-utility-sink-adapter.html. I plan on ordering this system: http://spectrapure.com/RO-RODI/RODI-SYSTEMS/CSPDI-Standard-90-GPD-RO-DI-System
  8. PLS-50 Elite Protein Skimmer Giveaway from CAD Lights!

    For the last two years I've really enjoyed sps and lps, but favorite single coral would have to be acans. Maybe if I had some acros in my tank I might change my opinion.
  9. 10g for dorm room

    I went with a ac70 modded with chaeto and a koralia nano as all my movement when I started my 5gal in college.
  10. With rock coming from an established tank you should have had no initial cycle. I've driven tanks 5 hours multiple times with various stockings and never really noticed a cycle. Not sure I would trust a low reading of an API test, API's methods of testing gives a more general reading range than more advanced methods.
  11. Jbj Picotope Ideas?

    Look up ElFabs jbj picotope. He ran it for many years and shows it's potential off quite well.
  12. For a 15gal aquarium with 20% water changes weekly and light stocking of lps/sps, you should never be low in the main 3.
  13. Sean151's 10G AIO

    Algae is annoying and never trust someone locally taking down their tank for maintenance reasons, bryopsis everywhere grew up from that rock. Also, I got bubble algae from a frag at SEAMAX 2011 and it's mostly gone away. I've been doing a lot of Hyrogen Peroxide, but it's hard on my candy cane coral. /rant Not sure how, but my fish is still alive and follows me every time I get upto the tank. Super picky eater and does more staring than swimming towards the food, but a local reefer handed some snails and hermits to me to help clean up after him. Corals are still growing great besides zoas, just the way I kind of want it.
  14. Are you sure it's from the peroxide? Did you have a bunch of detritus that was interlocked with the algae? Or it could be a byproduct of the cleanup crew turning the nutrients back into the nitrogen cycle faster than the bacteria that was possibly limited previously because algae was fighting for nutrients.
  15. I found chaeto to not survive long-term dosing of peroxide into the tank, but my dosing rate is about 1mL:1G.