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  1. Carnivore fishes eating nori?

    Some are more omnivores but I think others are just opportunistic eaters and just want to get in on the noms when others are eating. My melanurus and twospot maori wrasse eat the nori when I feed my tang and butterfly it. I've had clowns in the past eat it from an algae clip as well.
  2. Air valve mod for Vertex Omega

    Going to have to try this on my Omega150. It was skimming really well for a few months and then went nuts and started overflowing like crazy. Took it apart to clean it and I'll have to do this air valve mod once I put the thing back in my sump.
  3. how much equipment you didn't need

    Here's a few I can think of, I'm sure there's plenty more. -Various reactors (TLF/BRS/Kent) that I use for a few months and then never use again. -Spare used pumps/heaters that just end up sitting in a bin in my basement. -The old DIY LEDs from previous tanks just collecting dust in my basement.
  4. Beware the Shallows

    Dat tilefish. Awesome color. Skimmer overflows suck - been through that a few times. That's why I picked up a skimmate collector to turn the thing off when it's full. Cleaning up that mess after an overflow in a tight sump/stand is no fun. FWIW both my brother and I never had any luck with BZA fish. I stick with mostly DD fish now.
  5. Mantis for 5 Gallon

    Yep. This is all I saw. Ever. 7-13-IMG1 by ralphreef, on Flickr
  6. Is Bulk Reef Supply better than Marine depot?

    Yep same here. Most of the time I use BRS but when I need MD, they are always great. And DFS for cheap salt w/ free shipping!
  7. Mantis for 5 Gallon

    G. Smithii or N. Wennerae for a 5-10g. These are probably some of the best species you can get. Others are capable in this size tank but won't be as active or interactive. I had a G. Viridis in a 5g but all I saw was the top of its head peaking out of it's burrow.
  8. ICH! Water changes before new dosage?

    An immunity is possible to that particular strain of C. irritans but these fish can be carriers for ich for future fish. The ich is never truly gone and is just being held at bay by the fishes' immune system. Advanced Facts on Cryptocaryon Irritans
  9. ICH! Water changes before new dosage?

    It's in the DT so regardless of what method you treat with, you have to stay fallow for at least 8-9 weeks, but preferably 10, on the DT. I like Tank Transfer as it's easy to do and easy on the fish. You can also combine it easily with meds like Prazipro for treating new fish for internal parasites. After you finish whatever treatment you choose, you'll have to keep the fish in an observation tank for the remainder of the fallow period.
  10. Ralph's 90RR Predator Reef! New Fish! Moar Wrasses!

    For Ben... Cleaned the tank (somewhat) and took some pics last night. Out of 60 pics, these were the best. Wasn't my best odds and these aren't really even that good. Was having a hard time getting the fish in focus last night. Whatever. Pics. Algae & all in these... Baby Tang growing up Waspy Bigmac And again Couldn't get any pics of Snootsy or Melly. These looked better when I was tired last night. Will try to take better ones this weekend.
  11. 34g Solana build

    Water! Looking good. Makes me miss my old Solana, but this is better cause I had the old discoball MH on there. LEDs > discoball.
  12. Fat Fish Showoff thread

    Most of these fish are this fat because they just ate. I've caught plenty of SW fish that were really fat due to gorging themselves on sand eels or shrimp or baitfish. In fact, half of them spit it up when you get them to the boat. I'd assume at least half of these fish posted here aren't nearly as fat when they've digested said meal. I notice a distinct belly bulge on all my fish after feeding but it disappears after they digest the meal. There are other side effects like nutritional deficiencies if the diet isn't varied but I'd say it's pretty uncommon. In our reef tanks, we've got pretty high flow and most people only feed once a day so the chance of a fish becoming 'obese' and getting fatty liver disease at least IMO seems slim.
  13. Fat Fish Showoff thread

    Turn up the flow a bit more. Fish treadmill. Work those extra ounces off! I tend to overfeed my big wrasse just to keep him well behaved, same with the butterflyfish. Fat and full fish don' tend to go hunting around for other food like corals and tank cleaners.
  14. Beware the Shallows

    Well get orderin'! Well I don't have smaller fish now but I will eventually so he can stay in your fuge. Though fish can be food to my wrasses, opportunistic dudes don't care what it is as long as its edible. Surprisingly though the big guy, Snooty, leaves my little tang alone.
  15. Ralph's 90RR Predator Reef! New Fish! Moar Wrasses!

    Dang tiny tank, but I guess its fine if it was really small. Upgrade that boy into a bigger tank soon. Probably like at least a 120.