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  1. Let me know what you have, and how much you want for it. The cheaper the better. Not looking for any other sizes.
  2. WTB - Reef disks

    PM sent.
  3. WTB: 3 gallon picotank

    PM sent
  4. Maybe it was the batch you got. My levels tested fine.
  5. Brad - I've started using SB NSW and don't need this anymore. Everything was fine when I was using it, though. Why are you unhappy? nano - wanna buy it?
  6. I have a nearly full bucket for sale. I probably used it to make about 15 gallons of salt water, at most. Looking to get $40. Local pick-up only. I'm in Pasadena, CA.
  7. SOLD! I recently upgraded to an Aquacontroller Jr. so I don't need this anymore. Looking to get $25 shipped. Item is in like new condition. More info can be found HERE.
  8. UPDATED: FS: z's, p's, sps, lps and stuff.

    PM sent on a few things.
  9. Reefcrawler

    I purchased some great zoas/palys from Reefcrawler at some unbelievable prices. All his corals are very healthy and absolutely pest free. He also has an AMAZING 150g tank with the healthiest colonies I've ever seen. Don't hesitate to buy from him!
  10. What size Chemipure do you use in your AC70?

    That's a great idea! I will try that next time.
  11. Zoo frags to go

    Sent my info yesterday buy haven't received a response yet.
  12. PM sent on the koralia nanos.
  13. What size Chemipure do you use in your AC70?

    Thanks for your help.