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  1. PacificEastAquaculture

    Best place to buy clams?

  2. PacificEastAquaculture

    Best place to buy clams?

    This does not sound like right. Not our style at all. If you had a bad experience I welcome you or these store owners to call to discuss. We sell to many stores actually so this does not jive with our experiences.
  3. PacificEastAquaculture

    Pacific East Aquaculture Feedback

    We post new weekly specials every Thursday, occasionally Friday, we often decide that day on what goes on special based upon our stock levels and schedule of shipments. Had you contacted us first and directly we would have been glad to have taken care of you.
  4. PacificEastAquaculture

    Pacific East Aquaculture Feedback

    Thanks for your support, we appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again soon!
  5. PacificEastAquaculture


    Thanks for your opinion. Obviously they are not for the average hobbyist. We do offer lots of other clams too, maybe more in your price range. If you were to know the complexity and cost to obtain them you might think differently, but I know high price is raw nerve that brings out anger from some folks. Just wanted to be clear we are not setting the price on these and not in the habit of pricing so high.
  6. PacificEastAquaculture


    If free shipping is the only thing holding up the deal, you got it:) But seriously, we are selling these for our partner in Tahiti, he sets the price. They are really truly rare and he deserves whatever he can get, I have been there and I know how remote it is where these are collected and the difficulty in getting them! If you look around our site we have plenty of low cost livestock from ultra Acans in our Build Your Own frag packs at $12.50 to our Under $15 frag selection, etc. So, lets not turn this into some ugly thread about price gouging please.
  7. PacificEastAquaculture

    Pacific East Aquaculture

    Not to belabor the point nor to argue with you, but sometimes folks not actually in the business always feel the vendor is making a killing or somehow always cheating folks, the facts are that the cardboard, styro, two liner bags, packing peanuts, heat or ice packs, saltwater, bags, clips, rubber bands, driving the boxes to UPS, personnel to pack it and drive it, other overhead costs, all do in fact add up to $10 or more, yes even when buying in bulk.
  8. PacificEastAquaculture

    Pacific East Aquaculture

    Thanks for your input. However, there are other livestock vendors that do charge for box/packing. A search of all the online livestock vendors will give you a list of a wide range of fees for shipping. Again, we feel that our policy is fair. Also, remember that there is a huge difference with companies as to not only the quality of packing but also the guarantee policy and also restocking fees by some. We offer three options if you have any issue with our stock, an out right refund to your credit card, a store credit, or a replacement. If you do a thorough search of all the livestock vendors you will see that there is a huge variety of policies and fees. No one vendor may ever satisfy everyone when it comes to shipping fees, but we think we have made an attempt to do something a bit different and unique with our Better Than Free Shipping program. As I said before, we have tried many variations over the last 14 years and continue to improve. There is no such thing as free shipping and packing materials and personnel costs to any company, these are all real and every business at some point must be profitable while still offering a quality product at a reasonable price, we hope we have archived a good balance and will continue into our 15th year in 2014.
  9. PacificEastAquaculture

    Pacific East Aquaculture

    Hi folks, Thanks for all the great comments. Here are a few points we would like to make that might help clarify our Better Than Free Shipping program. First, we charge a box charge of $10. This includes our cost of the box, heat or ice packs as needed, plastic bags, clips and rubber bands, saltwater, personnel costs to pack and we deliver the boxes ourselves to UPS to lessen handling, so the box charge has lots of stuff included and those items do cost us. Also, we call everyone back the day they receive their order and then send an email too, if you read that email you will see a coupon code for free box on your next order if shipped within 30 days. Our Better Than Free Shipping program is popular, allow me to clarify for you. Also, there is a detailed explanation on our site here: http://www.pacificeastaquaculture.com/shipping.html It is an incentive program, the more you buy the more you get in free additional livestock. Put in another way: buy $110 and get $10 off, buy $175 and get $25 off, buy $300 and get $50 off (this covers more than the cost of shipping and box), buy $425 or more and get $75 off (far more than box and shipping charges). Over the last 14 years we have been in business we have evolved over time with shipping charges. In our early years we charged everyone their exact shipping costs with our discounts, this worked for years. Then as others offered free shipping we followed and this was extremely costly for us. Shipping heavy boxes priority overnight is not cheap, so after a couple years and as others dropped their free shipping programs we did too. Now there is a wide range of scenarios that vendors do with shipping. We realized that we had to come up with something that would be fair to everyone and so we started the flat rate shipping, of which we subsidize a lot of the actual shipping cost, and also implemented our Better Than Free Shipping program. Our site prompts you as you get to each tier of the program as you shop online, and the program has been a huge hit for us. While it still costs us far more in shipping than we actually charge, this program as an incentive program helps us cover some of that cost at the same time as being popular with many folks. We ship dozens of boxes each day and have found our current program to work well for us and our customers. We are always open to reasonable suggestions for improvement and can be reached via email or phone, toll-free.
  10. PacificEastAquaculture

    Best place to buy 3 clams?

    Will be posting cultured and wild collected clams next week.
  11. PacificEastAquaculture

    Pinched mantle diagnosis on cultured maximas

    Look perfectly normal. Some of the small cultured clams do not fully cover the rapidly growing shell.
  12. PacificEastAquaculture

    Pacific East "Our Pick"

    Yes. And highly recommend
  13. PacificEastAquaculture

    Corals (Places to buy in Maryland)

    Thanks for your comments. We do also ship and in your area that would be a flat rate of $15.99.
  14. PacificEastAquaculture

    rock flower nems

    T-5 lighting, no oversaturation, the purpose for posting in this thread was for some eye candy, just enjoy them. If you wish to comment about photos, etc., probably better suited for my vendor forum so as to not side track this thread.
  15. PacificEastAquaculture

    rock flower nems

    They need a good amount of light and lots of water flow, we feed them daily with a mix of foods including oyster eggs, Mysis, urchin eggs, etc.