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  1. 20l clam lighting

    I'm keeping 8 clams (crocea, maxima, derasa, squamosa) in a 30 breeder (30 inches long) with T-5s. My tank is probably the same width and height as yours, but it is deeper (front to back). You should be fine with a 4 bulb T-5 with 24w bulbs. I use ATI blue plus and UVL actinic white bulbs. Regards, AG
  2. My Daughter Wants A Reef Tank

    my 7 year old daughter wanted a reef tank... she got my biocube 29 and I moved up to a 90 gallon... use the opportunity to your advantage
  3. horseshoe crab

    don't do it. they get very big quickly (over a foot) and will knock everything over in your tank way before then as they are extremely clumsy. they also hide most of the time, so they're not really adding anything for you visually. some marine life is better left to be viewed at an east coast beach.... Regards AG
  4. CPR Bak-Pak 2 vs. Aqua C Remora

    I have both. They both work and you can't go wrong with either, but the Aqua C is the better unit. My only complaint with it was that it took about a week to start to produce good skimmate.
  5. Final stocking plans for 20gallon Tall.

    I believe that the Catalina Goby is a colder water species. Probably not a good mix in this tank.
  6. Do you wear gloves when working in your aquarium?

    you only need shine a flashlight into a mature tank at night and you will never look at live rock the same way again... gloves when touching any rock or livestock
  7. Choice of nem

    For false percs, the recommended anemones are: carpet mertens ritteri sebae having said that, i have 2 false percs hosting a bubble tip AND a long tentacle... my experience has been that clowns will host almost anything. don't get a sebae as they are notoriously hard to keep. i originally got the long tentacle because it was pretty and it liked to eat which i thought was cool. my bubble tip has retreated into the most inconvenient, hard to see crevice. the long tentacle lets his freak flag fly in the front of my tank. Regards, AG
  8. received this mated pair of clowns when my friend broke down his tank. was conflicted about putting them and my anemones into my frag tank, but it seems to be working out fine. Today they first chose to host the long tentacle (i think it is really a condy... regardless of what the LFS said) over the bubble tip anemone and then changed their minds and moved over to the bubble tip.
  9. true perc pair in fuge?

    my friend asked me to take them because he had to break down his tank to move. I didn't want to put them into my 90 gallon reef tank since i would never be able to get them out. My frag tank, mostly SPS, is the 50 total gallon setup. I am afraid to put the anemone in there because i think that there is too much current for it and i don't want it to harm any of my frags. I have two fuge chambers in the system so i can grow different stuff in each. I figured I could house the anem and clowns in one of the fuges. I'm open to suggestions. Thanks for your input. Andy
  10. true perc pair in fuge?

    I want to put my small true perc pair and their host anemone into a fuge within the main system that is 6 gallons in size. Will this be okay for them? There is good turnover in the system and the total volume of the system is 50 gallons. Thanks, Andy
  11. UPDATE!!!! He was able to work the glue ball off of his lower lip. So now he is just pissed because it is still on his upper lip. He has been able to peck at my live rock and did eat 2 pellets. I think he'll be okay. The lights just went off and he bed down in his usual spot. I'm hoping to wake up tomorrow and have it off of his upper lip. Long story short... I'll never glue frags again w/o making sure that there is no way for the fish to get at the glue. Lesson learned. I'm going to hit the scotch hard now... thanks for all of the replies. Regards, andy
  12. I glued a frag into my tank tonight and the foxface immediately went and pecked at it and seems to have glued his mouth shut. the thought of him starving to death is really bumming me out. any ideas on catching him and how to get the glue off/out of his mouth? thanks, Andy
  13. please identify these two items

    just did a water change and put the siphon near the cyano.... all gone. that was easy. added some anti-algae chem to kill off any i missed. thanks for the help. AG
  14. please identify these two items

    the first one is soft. it doesn't look like the other rics i have in my tank. is there a way to get rid of the cyano w/o scrubbing or removing stuff? thanks AG
  15. the first picture is a mushroom like thing that is brown with bright white dots on it. It has been on this rock for about 6 months and is growing. the second pic is a bright red/maroon stringy growth. Is this a nuisance algae? I've never had anything like it before. if it does need to go, what would eat it? i have hermits, peppermint shrimp and various snails in the tank and no one seems interested. thanks AG