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  1. 8 x 24w T5HO fixture Hydrofarm new bulbs (Sacramento)

    Also, I ship things for a living. So, this WILL arrive to you safely.
  2. What's up NR community! I've been gone a while, but figured I'd give y'all first dibs! Hydrofarm brand 8x24w T5HO light. 25"x25"x3" outside fixture dimensions. Comes with 10 BRAND NEW 6500k bulbs! (8 for the fixture and two spares.) Works perfect! NEVER USED AROUND SALT. ZERO RUST. $100/SHIPPED IN THE U.S. Via FedEx GROUND. $80 picked up in SACRAMENTO or surrounding area.
  3. Anyone still here, that I know?

    I no longer do sh*t to impress people. That just made me broke. My new sh*t is "do me, and get the collective paid."
  4. Daves Nano Box Office Tank : 20G picO

    Me likey.
  5. Anyone still here, that I know?

    I have one "designed in my head".So, its not really fair to call it a build. More of a thought process, really. Yea.... But, it wont be for a while.And, it'll crawl, not walk or run.... Cuz i want it right.
  6. Anyone still here, that I know?

    Holy sh*t!What up Hype! JR in the billin'!!!
  7. All my frags went to a Frag Farmer.
  8. It's been down for a while. Next tank will be in a wall.
  9. Anyone still here, that I know?

    There used to be ONE....
  10. The stuff I have left over. Everything works perfectly. I've done a lot of sales on NR. I only accept paypal. Hydor Smart level ATO Toms Aqualifter Rio200 Rio400 Hydor 25w heater ViaAqua 50w heater Cree led light - RB, V, CW - 3w LEDs, dimmable, can't recall the ballast. $120 shipped for everything, via USPS Priority 3-day. Not interested in selling individual items.
  11. Anyone still here, that I know?

    Actually, ihave a bunch of reef crap i need to put in the Hardware Classifieds.
  12. Anyone still here, that I know?

    Im currently umm, should we say, "financially occupied", atm. So, no tanks for me. For realz.... Not even one.... I swear.... Maybe....