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    That old chestnut.
  1. Also, I ship things for a living. So, this WILL arrive to you safely.
  2. What's up NR community! I've been gone a while, but figured I'd give y'all first dibs! Hydrofarm brand 8x24w T5HO light. 25"x25"x3" outside fixture dimensions. Comes with 10 BRAND NEW 6500k bulbs! (8 for the fixture and two spares.) Works perfect! NEVER USED AROUND SALT. ZERO RUST. $100/SHIPPED IN THE U.S. Via FedEx GROUND. $80 picked up in SACRAMENTO or surrounding area.
  3. Corals dont need air, in a survivable shipping period, I.e., up to 72 hours. Id imagine that fish would be suffocated in 48.
  4. Umm.... wow. I'm impressed....
  5. Im pretty sure thats what D meant, Pat.
  6. Interesting guy.... I like people that own what they do.
  7. what tree?
  8. to fund Stevie Tub Time Machine!!!
  9. 1 of 4 Barnacle Blennies, from LiveAquaria! I love these little guy's!
  10. I don't even....
  11. VERY impressive shot!
  12. cool chart
  13. holy blown out contrast batman!!! lol's nice nems.
  14. i miss yer antics round here kray... thats fa sho.
  15. Ok... I dig it. but where's the thread?