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  1. Funny you stated vacation. That was the reason I took down the tanka few years ago. Sps is almost impossible to keep if I'm constantly traveling. I've been at my job for over 30 years and have 6 weeks vacation so I've been traveling with the Mrs. like a mad man. Been to virtually every eastern countries in Europe, Japan, S. America , Canada and around the US. When I had the tank I would always wonder if I'd come home to a flood or a sea food mix so taking it down was the only option, but I do miss my tank. However when I look at tanks like yours I get the urge. Keep up the great work, now your tank is my inspiration! ?
  2. Sorry for such a late reply. Been off the boards for awhile now. Yes same reefsahoy as RC. Btw, your setup is pretty awesome. I really like the finish from start to finish. Love the stand! Missing my sps tank and seriously considering doing a small tank but have to wrap my hands around the responsibility before committing to it. Still not sold on leds other than for enhancement lighting as I'm old school.
  3. Very nice! Awesome pic quality! The stand is really nice. It really gives a finished look.
  4. Natural sea water
  5. Michelos, from my experiences its important that the filter can either compensate for evaporation, or you have a decent ato to compensate for evaporation. The reason being that the surface skim will only work at a specific water height if its fixed or if you dont have a way to compensate for evap. Thats why i like the two option i mentioned above. Otherwise you will constantly have to adjust the waterheight. Just my .02 cents. Good luck with your decision whichever way you go.
  6. Here's another surface skimmer with a built in uv light. I didn't have this one but I'm pretty confident it would work awesome!
  7. This works unbelievably well! The cup floats and adjust to water height so evaporation will not affect the surface skimming. There is an adjustment that the filter pulls from the bottom of the tank and from the surface skim float as well. It's easy to adjust. These are pretty unknown, but I had one on a small nano and it skimmed the surface within a half hour or so. I would get another one in a heart beat!
  8. Nice! Can you show the mod that you did to the lights? Thx
  9. I'm into my second week since hitting the big RESET button on this reef.
  10. 8/10/2014 two weeks after reset
  11. I have hit the reset button on my sps nano. The corals are all brown so i have no idea what it will look like if it ever color up. I will have to wait to see how it progresses so this is going to be a wait and see project. Here's the big red reset button. GO AHEAD and hit the RESET button.
  12. Restart date 7/27/2014. Sps nano with all brown corals.
  13. handmade wire sculpture by my nephew