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  1. A Nano of my very own!

    Thanks, love the pics of your tank! Thanks alot, I will check that out, I have an idea of what I want but like to get as much advice etc as possible!
  2. A Nano of my very own!

    Hi Laura, Thanks, I will post a pic tomorrow after I get some rock in there, didnt think anyone would want to look at pics of sand lol! My tank is 34 gallons, not entirely sure of what I will want in there but I really like the button polyps, thanks x
  3. A Nano of my very own!

    Hi all, Today I have set up my long awaited Red Sea Max! I cant quit believe I have one, but I managed to convince my other half that the 400l reef tank we already have was his and that I needed a project of my own lol! I added the water and live sand today, getting my live rock tomorrow, giving the water change to get to temp before adding the rock. I cant wait, I am so excited to get the tank cycling, how sad am I!! I would welcome any stocking suggestions Jo x
  4. freebie hitch hiker (sort of !)

    Hi, I'm not an expert but it looks like a Malu to me. Thats a great freebie, hope it does well for you!!