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  1. Hi, Kraken That sounds great! the offer is only for limited quantity and once they are sold, then the sale ends. The Versa II Reefing package with the new TIA skimmer, makes a complete powerful and beautiful reef system. comes with everything a intermediate to advanced reefer will need! Thank you so much CADLights Aquariums
  2. Hi, Fellow Reefers! We are giving away our Powerful and Reliable TIA-110 Protein skimmer with every Versa II Complete reefing systems Starfire rimless aquarium package right now if you order one. All sizes from 42G up to the full sized 92G all come equipped and ready for Reefing the moment you get it. Heres all they come with for ensuring a successful Reef. Check them out here! https://www.cadlights.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=61_96&zenid=cc8e48fd50221447aefc896667a9321f Happy reefing and Please give us a call if you have any questions! CADLights Aquariums
  3. Hi, Ishkid The PLS-50 Elite II is built to be stronger and higher performance than the PLS-50 Elite I. the Elite II has a slightly larger body and a 25% stronger pump. when it was first released in January, its overall size was 4" x 4.5". but after the first batch went out, many hobbyists that had other brands of Nano tanks requested if we can make it smaller to fit their tanks. we were able to redesign the Elite II in February to make it as small as possible without decreasing its performance to the new size of 3.25" x 3.5", making it only slightly larger than the original Elite I which was 3.25" x 3.25". The elite II has an overall performance increase of 25%. Thanks CAD Lights
  4. Hi, Left Coast Thank you so much for your kind words! we are very happy with the latest PLS-50 Elite II skimmer. they are all handmade and due to its precision, we can only make 1 batch at a time. we used to have an awesome 39G Signature series Nano-reef AIO. we "may" put it back into production. Thank you and and I appreciate your continued support for us Scott
  5. Hi, Ishkid Thank you for your comment. Yes, there have been lots of social media posts (Facebook and Instagram) showing the 1st released batches in full function and performing great! here in Nano-reef.com there is also a detailed review thread here: Thanks so much and please feel free to let me know if you nave any questions CAD Lights Aquariums
  6. Hey everybody We worked as fast as we can and made the 2nd batch of PLS-50 Elite II's and they are back in stock and ready to ship. All the Pre-orders is already shipped and on the way! Thank you everybody and we really appreciate your continued support and feedback! CAD Lights Aquariums
  7. Hi, Teeny Wow nice! great details and pics. heres a tip for your collection cup. To make it slightly easier to remove and put back in the collection cup, you can rub a little bit of unscented vaseline right onto the gasket. you dont need to apply it anywhere else. Thanks CAD Lights
  8. Here is the instruction booklet for the PLS-50 Elite II. CAD Lights Aquariums www.cadlights.com (909)980-6880 sales@cadlights.com Congratulations on owning thePLS-50 Elite II, “Inch for Inch” strongest skimmer in the market. With many years of research and development we have designed awhole new way of protein skimming. By removing all of the pipes and valves, we were able to effectively cut down the skimmer size by 40% while still exceeding protein skimming standards. We truly wish that you will have great results with our PLS-50 Elite II. 1) Silent design 2) CAD Lights Patent Pending Pipeless skimmer technology. 3) Professional internal Bubble-Plate (Turbulence control) 4) 10G-60G Capacity (with respective live stock loads) 5) 100% Cell-Cast acrylic 6) Hand-made quality craftsmanship 7) Tension lock and full locking 8) Pin-wheel air injection Venturi 9) Slide mount 10) Removable collection cup 11) 220GPH pump 12) 1 year manufacturer warranty Directions for use of PLS-50 Elite Nano pipeless skimmer 1) Now that the PLS-50 Elite II is all assembled, you can now fit it into your filter chambers. The range of water level to use the PLS-50 is 4.5”-7” and the Optimal level is 5”. 2) Before putting the PLS-50 Elite into water, make sure the drain holes are aligned and that it is at maximum opening. Loosen slightly the (M) locking screws and you can turn the skimmer body left or right to open and close the drain holes. This is the motion you need to do later to adjust the skimming and foam level. Practice outside of tank if necessary to get more familiar with this unique turning adjustment. 3) (G) Drain holes now should be aligned and at maximum opening. Pre-fit the skimmer in the back chambers and adjust the tank mount (L) as necessary to the operating height of your choice. Loosen or tighten the thumbscrew as needed to slide the mount up or down. 4) Keep the (M) locking screws loose so there is an ease of motion as you turn the skimmer body to the left and right. Make sure the drain holes all align to maximum opening prior to plugging in the pump. 5) Now you may plug in the 220GPH Pin-wheel skimmer pump. 6) Let it run for at least a minute until you start to adjust. 7) Now that you have a nice smooth motion where you can freely turn the skimmer body holding either the base of the collection cup or the “Collar” of the skimmer’s upper body. Turn counter-clockwise to raise the foam and turn clockwise to lower the foam and adjust to your desired level. Once you have reached your desired foaming level, you can lock the adjustment by tightening the (M) Locking screws (when surfaces touch is fine). Avoid tightening too much or all the way; you only need it to be tight enough for it to hold the setting. Over tightening can possibly tilt the body slightly and throw off your setting and leak out micro-bubbles in between the bottom plates. 8) Each time you adjust the skimmer, make sure to loosen the tension lock first to get minimal restricted motion on the body. BREAK IN Period: this is the time it takes for the new pump and skimmer to loosen, equalize and balance itself into your tank and its chemistry. The average break in period is typically 1-3 days. During this period, the skimming level can be either too high or too low. You can make slight adjustments to it as needed. Once the PLS-50 Elite has fully broken in with your water is when it will hold more consistent. Maintenance: 1) To empty out the collected Protein (DOCs organic waste), you gently pull the collection cup upward and it will disconnect with the skimmer body. Empty or clean as you wish and push back into the skimmer body. 2) Once in a while it is recommended to give the PLS-50 Elite a complete cleaning. To do this, the skimmer takes apart in 4 pieces. The collection cup comes off as shown above #1, the skimmer body can be disassembled by removing the lock screws and simply pull upward to separate from base, the pump slides off of the bottom and the center bracket will remain. 3) Clean under warm water or diluted Vinegar (For soaking). Then assemble and place back into filter chambers for use.
  9. Hi, SPSaddict We did a limited quantity launch back in early January of the PLS-50 Elite II which had a larger footprint. those original foot print was about 4.5" x 4". many of the customer feedback was that though it skims great, it isnt compatible with their tank because the footprint was too big. so we all redesigned the whole skimmer and looked into each component to see how we can cut down the size as much as possible that we can and most important factor is to make it as small as possible without sacrificing any of its performance. so using the same pump, volute and all of its original technical components, we were able to make the current PLS-50 Elite II which is much smaller yet having the same performance as the larger one in all of its tests.
  10. Hi, Teenyreef, We have the new instructions coming soon. we released the PLS-50 Elite II in early January and it was 4.5 long and 4" wide. so after a few customers have tried it, and didnt fit, we completely redesigned it to see how we can slim it down to the current 3.25" x 3.5", making the old manuals unusable. new manuals will be done by the time the current Pre-order batch will be ready to ship. Thank you for choosing us and we really appreciate your support! Scott
  11. Thanks Guys! The New PLS-50 Elite II will soon be introduced to our dealers. we are making them as fast as we can right now and awaiting on the instruction manuals to be printed. will definitely have those soon as well. Hi, Teenyreef Thank you for choosing our PLS-50 Elite II. glad its doing well in your tank already and i hope the improved performance will do great for your reef tank. please link us to your review if you have started one. Hi, HRCOReef Thank you for choosing our PLS-50 Elite II. awesome to hear its giving you great performance as well. the ring is to give the skimmer body itself some extra stabilization during adjustments. the skimmer can work fine without the ring, but may be a little more unstable during adjustment. The PLS-50 Elite II skimmers are sold out right now and we are making them as fast as we could. they are up for Pre-orders right now for March 5th shipping.
  12. Hi, Harry Potter the original release last month was a little big from the feedback that we received, so we made some adjustments and the new released ones right now are smaller at 3.25" x 3.5" the overall height is 16" tall. please check if these dimensions will work for you. Thanks Thank you Rye22 Thanks, we got your order and it is shipping out later today! ill end you the tracking # by the end of today. Thanks, Scott
  13. Hey Everyone We are excited to bring you the news that our newest 3rd generation PLS-50 Elite II (Inch for inch the strongest skimmer in the industry) has just been officially released and is in stock for sale! If you have any questions, compatibility inquiry, assistance needed for the new PLS-50 Elite II, Please feel free to let me know. here is the link: https://www.cadlights.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=69_95 Thank you so much Scott
  14. Hi, John Thank you for your message. yes this past week we had 2 containers that arrived and we were unloading as well as re-organizing the whole warehouse. lots of new products coming out. Feel free to message me directly if you have any questions or need any assistance. Thanks so much Eddie