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  1. I want a free-standing refugium that allows my 7.5 gallon cube to pump water in and gravity feed back to tank. I would like it 12"x6" footprint and 15" tall and include a lid. That should be approximately 5 gallons of volume. PM me a quote
  2. Let me know what you got.
  3. 2 x Koralia Evo 750 $45 for both shipped Korallia 2 $20 shipped Panorama 12 LED fixture $50 shipped All items have been used 3 months, but the K2 sounds like a computer fan. Will consider trades, located in Murrieta.
  4. WTT: JBJ pico 3 gallon

    I have some Koralias... PM me if interested.
  5. Where did you get the lights? Pm me please-
  6. LEDs sold.... PC available, Koralia K2 available, Koralia Evo 750 available
  7. Nano 240 x 2 sold... LEDs available, PC available, Koralia K2 available.
  8. Who's Up For a Macroalgae Trade?

    I'm looking to BUY macros, PM me details. Organism, I tried PMing you-
  9. $5, $10, $15 Frags LOCAL PICKUP 91789

    Save me some frags... My son has a Tourney this weekend, wont be there until the following week.
  10. Mine's OG... Thanks- prices too high? Is my gear Shizz? What's the deal? PM me, my feeling wont be hurt. Thanks