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  1. what is this on montipora? (picture)

    I bought this montipora yesterday. Today I noticed this white growth originating from where a branch had been broken off. It has advanced 3-4 mm. What is it and is it treatable? Also, can it spread to my other corals?
  2. Who likes Green Chromis??

    I dont hear green chromis mentioned very much in the message boards. I was just wondering what you guys think about them. I would like to buy some for my 25 gallon and would like to know if they are worth the space.
  3. Royal gramma hiding

    About 4 weeks I added a royal gramma to my tank. The last time I saw it was the day after I bought it. My tank is 25 gallons with about 35 lbs of live rock with lots of hiding spots.The only other fish in the tank is a false perc. The only possible evidence that it may be alive is that the pod population in my tank has decreased significantly since I added it. I have never had a royal gramma in my tank and don't know if this is common behavior or if it has died. I have heard they hide alot, but all the time????