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  1. So I just recently purchased a anemone glass shrimp, he was dancing all around the tank in the store so I had to have em. Well when I put him in my tank he immediately hosted the frogspawn, which is making my frogspawn mad. It hasn't fully extended in days, will it die? I also don't think the shrimp has eaten at all. The shrimp never leaves, just sit their and dances around which is pretty cool. Ive tried moving the shrimp away and he always goes back. any way to get him to un-host it?
  2. ati bulbs

    lol was supposed to say I dont want terrible color either
  3. ati bulbs

    Im about to order ati bulbs but cant make up my mind on the combination. Im leaning toward 2 blue+ and 2 coral+. I am looking for the best coral growth, going over a frag tank, but I also want terrible color. What would you recommend?
  4. Hermit crabs acting weird?

    No tank is over a year old, crabs are old.... added a few new crabs a week ago, they are fine. Recently I moved it to my new house started a small cycle. Salinity 1.028 little high Ammonia .25 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 20 Will be doing a water change tmrw
  5. So about 5 of my ten hermits are acting very strange, a few of them have been upside down just retracted in there shells for days. Sometimes they will be upside down nibbling on a piece of crushed, but that's it. At first I figured they were molting because I seen a molt by a rock. Do they molt at the same time? Today one was out of his shell roaming around. He cant move right and one of his claws are missing. I put two shells by him, but he wont go in. What do you think is going on?
  6. Unbiased Reef Cleaners Review

    That is really surprising to me that you got less than ordered.... When I ordered from him, I got about 20 extra snails I didn't order. I even got a bag of hermits I that was not in my order. My pods did not make the trip but stuff happens. Id have to see the two crabs in the bag, with an order sheet of ten to believe this one.
  7. I'm thinking of using your first combination with the coral plus, any other recommendations before I order?
  8. I have this fixture: http://www.fishneedit.com/new-light.html over a 20g high. Would this fixture be able to have good coral growth and color with new bulbs? Got a cpl of expensive zoas I'd like to frag. Which bulbs would you buy? Heard good things about ATI but having a hard time choosing the combination. Any help would be great.... thanks
  9. Cleaner Shrimp struggling to move?

    No......I pulled off the rock it was pebble prized.
  10. Earlier when the lights were on I noticed his leg was stuck in something, so I pulled it off for him. I went to check on him with the lights off and he was on his side struggling to move with crabs enclosing on him. I moved him to another part o the tank, to keep the crabs away. He is the coolest shrimp ever, cleans my hand when I put it in the tank, crawls all over my arm. I really don't want him to die..... Ive had him for over a year. What should I do?
  11. Can different species of pods live together in a HOB refugium with chaeto and ulva? and will they eat the macros or do they need phyto?
  12. HOB Refugium light spill/bulb questions

    Yeah ill try to angle the fixture differently but i feel like their will still be a lot of spill. Didnt wanna paint the HOB black because id like to see inside of it. You think a cover on the back of the tank will help?
  13. I connected my HOB refugium to my tank today, I purchased a 6500K bulb from home depot and there is a lot of light spill into the tank. I know most people turn their refugium light on after the display light goes off to keep ph stable. The refuge is only holds one gallon of water and there isnt that much flow, I mainly want it to keep pods. Will this small amount of water keep PH stable? Because of the light spill should I just have the fuge light on during the same time as my main lights? Also I bought a sylvania micro-mini cfl bulb at 6500k will the grow chaeto efficiently? any help would be great thanks. Here are pictures of the light spill, fuge, and bulb:
  14. Finnex HOB Refugium modding questions?

    I may do that, cant seem to find a powerhead for what i want. Looking for a pump with the intake like the outtake, not the grate style intake.