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  1. Lawnman Sunny Ds

    What a beautiful shot. NJ
  2. This item is still available. My apologies for not responding. Turns out the email i had registered stopped working. Didn't get a notice for pm's, and was a little caught up in life.
  3. Selling a Reef Octopus Classic 110 Space Saver Skimmer. I purchased this skimmer for my 40B. 3 Days after it arrived I was gifted a new aquarium and won't be using this skimmer. So this skimmer saw water for three days, was removed from the sump and cleaned with fresh water. It had a nice break-in after 48 hours and was skimming my moderately stocked tank quite nicely. The craftsmanship is very considerable and the pump, dead silent. I am asking $200 shipped in original packaging.
  4. FS: Skimz SM-121 Protein Skimmer

    Sorry for the late update. Skimmer has been sold.
  5. FS: Skimz SM-121 Protein Skimmer

    The only labeling I see on the pump is the Skimz logo. Also says "made by Eden srl - Italy" Model number is ES2000.
  6. Selling my Skimz SM121 protein skimmer. Has been a great skimmer. I picked it up from a Reef Central member last December. It has worked like a champ and skimmed beautifully. Asking $150 shipped. Skimmer has been cleaned in a light vinegar bath and is ready for your sump! Only issue it has is purely cosmetic, the skimz sticker on the front of the skimmer let loose and left a light film in its place. I'm sure it could be cleaned off, but never tried. Thanks for looking! Here is a link to the original place that I purchased it from, has a few more details on the skimmer. http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2240422&highlight=skimz
  7. SWC 120 Cone Skimmer Approximately 1 year old. Everything is in great shape. $165 Shipped firm.
  8. WTB SWC120

    Anyone have one?
  9. 40 Breeder

    I decided to relocate the few snails, crabs, fish and corals I was housing in an old nanocube over to the new display. This decision was due mainly to the fact that the silicone on the NC was failing badly. Seems I had a mini cycle, little diatom bloom and all seems fine. I didn't want to move the corals so soon but think this its worth the chance from what could have been a mini disaster. I'm pretty happy with the growth I got out of the Nuc's and PD's while they were in the NC. I really wasn't paying to much attention to them but they turned into some nice little colonies. Waiting for MP10 in the mail to get a little flow moving. Otherwise all is well and good. I'm really excited for this fall. Sounds like there are a ton of great frags hanging out in the Madison area to choose from.
  10. 40 Breeder

    Very cool. This looks promising. I really appreciate the feedback.
  11. Kat's Ol' Max

    What a couple of cuties.
  12. 40 Breeder

    Well everything seems pretty well set. I moved the RO/DI stuff over this week. I had a hard time deciding on what to do for topoff. In the end I decided that I will manually top off twice a day with water from the 3 gallon holding tank. I just can't bring myself to automate this part of maintenance due to failures in the past with float switches, valves and other factors. I have one Vortech MP10WES on the way this week. Pretty pumped about this as I have never seen one in person. Can't wait to experiement. I'm wondering if anyone has any input for actinic supplemements for a system like this. I have everything I'd need to add t5 stuff to this system but Im not real fancy on the idea about building this up. Are there any LED light strips or anything that would add some nice dark blue/actinic color without requiring me to do much DIY? Heres how the guts look at the moment. Gonna add a small light this afternoon.
  13. 40 Breeder

    Thanks for the kind words. It feels awesome to have a tank again.