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  1. That was my pick for this month as well.
  2. Looks like a good plan. You shouldn't have issues with strength at least.
  3. Thanks for all the kind comments!
  4. Another zoanthid photo, this one not for the contest. Enjoy!
  5. Thanks!
  6. I used a super shallow depth of field to create an abstract pattern towards the top of the frame while keeping the bottom of the frame in-focus. Full res. looks a little soft since I needed to shoot wide open to achieve the shallow DOF.
  7. Nice! How long have you had the elegance?
  8. Nice shot. Very nice equipment. Have you had a chance to compare that lens with a 100mm 2.8? I hear the 1:2 magnification is worth it in image quality.
  9. how long have you had the gig?
  10. needs more cowbell
  11. seems to me like he sold his collection on RC actually... he's apparently out of the hobby.
  12. Your collection never ceases to amaze. You're getting out??
  13. monti eating nudi????
  14. Yea, the good picture. I mean I loved the movie and love clowns. You could have very well gotten my vote. But a decent picture of the fish would have a helped your chances a lot.
  15. its a photo contest, not a subject contest. the mandarin picture was a much better PHOTO than this blurry example of nemo.