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  1. Lights are in white housing. I will post pictures of the lights in the AM.
  2. SLO is around 4 hours away. Would rather ship it there. Would take one day ground, and probably cost less than gas.
  3. I've got new and used equipment I purchased for a setup that never saw the light of day. My loss is your gain. Paypal or Chase Quickpay only! Prices include shipping. List: MP10es - $130 - SOLD! Tunze 6045 - $30 - SOLD! Tunze 9002 - $100 - SOLD! inTank AC110 MediaBasket - $50 inTank Tunze 9002 upgraded cup - $20 AC110 - $70 AI Sol Blue (2 units with controller) - $300 - SOLD! MP10es - Not wireless, missing most of the stuff in the box, ie. no spacers. In perfect working condition, and very clean. ----- $130 Tunze 6045 circulation pump - Used, modded for more flow, clean after a vinegar bath. ----- $30 Tunze 9002 nano skimmer - Never touched water, never modded. Still have original skimmer cup. Letting it go with both cups for $100 Mediabasket for AC110 and skimmer cutout - Never touched water, new condition. - $50 AC110 - New, never touched water. Have original basket still. If sold with the inTank mediabasket, we can work out a deal. - $70 Also have two AI Sol Blue units with the old controller for sale. Used for 1 year over a tank, then taken down and never used since. All lights working, if picked up locally, I will throw in all of the mounting hardware I bought for the new setup that I never used. No picture of this one, but can get if requested. ----- $300 These prices are for the most part firm, as they already seem very reasonable to me. Still, feel free to pm offers. Local pickup is possible as well in SoCal.
  4. PM sent. As far as a 1/4000 shutter speed, in real world applications, you won't see one unless you are using lenses that shoot f/1.4 or faster. Apart from that, and lens slower than f/1.4 at ISO100 will be able to meet your needs. At those speeds, it is is more a case of over-exposing (the image) than motion blur. The Samsung NX series is an APS-C sized sensor that incorporates a Samsung-specific lens mount. Only NX series lenses will work here, and as far as I know, only Samsung lenses will work. I don't even think Sigma makes lenses for this mount, but that's just to my knowledge. The Panasonic or Olympus m4/3 systems will offer a larger selection of lenses. Viewfinders are only featured on higher end ILC's, but I believe Olympus and Panasonic have EVF's that will take the hot shoe mount. They are rather costly, but they work, if a viewfinder is a necessity. As far as Canon and Nikon mirrorless cameras go, I would avoid both. The Nikon 1 series is lacking in the image quality department, while the Canon M has terrible autofocus. The Nikon 1 sensor is smaller than m4/3 cameras, and lacks in low light image quality, lens selection, and will lack the terrific shallow DOF that is normally associated with larger sensor formats. Canon's mirrorless offering, the Canon M, is just terribly slow when it comes to autofocus. At this point, I would avoid both. Good luck!
  5. Jacob's Photography

    Have you tried feathering your masking a little? It should make the transition a little more smooth.
  6. I guess I'm dropping out of the 365 challenge. Been too busy with work, and having no internet whatsoever. I guess I'll be posting here more often now. http://www.flickr.com/photos/75945528@N08/8691099015/'> http://www.flickr.com/photos/75945528@N08/8691099015/'>Bail by http://www.flickr.com/people/75945528@N08/'>aboubakarephoto, on Flickr
  7. 365 Day Photo Project

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/75945528@N08/8673733331/'> http://www.flickr.com/photos/75945528@N08/8673733331/'>Police Chopper by http://www.flickr.com/people/75945528@N08/'>aboubakarephoto, on Flickr
  8. 365 Day Photo Project

    Best car/drivers in the Le Mans GT without a doubt. The roar of that thing... one can dream.
  9. Question about custom media rack.

    With the given info, the only thing of use I can say is to make a rack for some form of filter floss below the overflow. This should catch detritus before it can enter your rear chambers, saving maintenance time.
  10. First SW Tank: 10 gallon nano-reef

    The actinic supplementation should give the tank a more blue look, and give corals better color.
  11. 365 Day Photo Project

    This guy was second, contesting for first, when he hit the wall. Tough break for him as he was towed off the track. http://www.flickr.com/photos/75945528@N08/8671455318/'> http://www.flickr.com/photos/75945528@N08/8671455318/'>Crash by http://www.flickr.com/people/75945528@N08/'>aboubakarephoto, on Flickr
  12. 365 Day Photo Project

    There was a hairpin not too far away, which you can see in the full res picture. Lots of crashes there and the turn directly in front in the Les Mans race. It's good fun, but I was so close this year to getting press credentials. That would have been the ideal situation. I love the composition on the last rolling shot you did. The buildings in the background really set the mood.