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  1. Thanks. In our testing no, but do not pack the basket too full with media. The basket it self does not block flow, that will all be on the media. Remove the sponge in the pump. We also recommend plugging the hold in the false wall in chamber two. This will allow you to regulate the water level in chamber two and three, by adding more while the filtration pump is on.
  3. This Media Basket is no open for PreSale!
  4. Alexa: Is your water wet?
  5. Yes we make a Media Basket, one of our top sellers. We also stock other upgrades: Thanks
  6. Pumps back on and filter floss in the rear chamber to catch the detritus. Stagnant water on a new tank like that after you move stuff around will cloud up.
  7. Chemi-Pure Blue has proven to be a great media for saltwater reef tanks, and the nano size is perfect for smaller setups epically in our Media Baskets. This is your chance to try out Chemi-Pure Blue AT NO CHARGE. Get a single individually wrapped packet FREE on orders over $40. While supplies last, see direction and coupon code on product page. Each packet treats up to 10 gallons. Don't forget to stock up on the 5 Pack Combo
  8. It's shipping Jeff's 21st Birthday, TODAY! We took him out to lunch and now are a little more motivated to throw whatever into your orders. To celebrate we are having a weekend long sale that starts now! 10% off almost everything. This is a sale only to be announced on Nano-Reef. Ends Sunday Night. Coupon Code: HBDJEFF
  9. Tunze 9001 Sale Now until Friday night get 10% off a Tunze 9001 Protein Skimmer. No coupons needed! This is by far the most popular and best nano-reef skimmer on the market. Free shipping on USA orders over $75. Save 10% on the Tunze 9001 with FREE SHIPPING !!!
  10. Hey guys, any suggestions on how to hang this light from the ceiling? I have the 4 clips & short wires that connect to the light itself. Thanks!


    1. inTank




      Something that looks like this300247_ecotech-radion-led-hanging-kit-a.

  11. Not a BioCube That is an AquaPod 24 made by Currunt USA and discontinued around 2009 Good tank, for the most part.
  12. I actually removed it yesterday when cleaning up loose ends. As we grow I am trying to idiot proof the warehouse even more. Also with an increase in shipping prices, plus pretty almost all orders now shipping free on the customer's end there isn't much room to pay the shelf they sit on. In exchange the media basket and or floss holders have bulk discounts built in. So if you buy two or more there is a good discount automatically applied. So so yes and no. Bulk discounts take care of it automatically. Thanks
  13. I was reading a lot last night and most say it isn't as important any more. Past the top 20 companies it's like 56% of the next level larger companies have a .com now a days. 301 for sure. Guessing that involves link by link redirect, have to look into it further. Or is it just when they click on an old product link it would take to the new home page and not the actual product page? We currently have 360 products, meaning 360 links. I'd say I actually care about 70% of those. On N-R alone there are almost 12,000 links posted to our current domain. is just kind of cool. And verbally giving out over the phone for email addy ect sucks balls. You have to spell it out
  14. We do own Currently it redirects to our site. We have been playing with it on a few marketing materials. Definitely will not give up
  15. We stared the process of bringing our almost 10 year old site up to speed before life changes foreva in June. My largest debate at this moment is on our domain. If we change it now is the time. We can't have just not gonna happen even though it redirects. Been watching this thing for years. Company that owns it is gigantic. is hardly a company name and only describes 40% of our business. But it is a .com and all links would stay the same We own But personally I really dislike that LLC part it's like the old days, Construction INC. Who gives a crap your legal status. But, it does contain our company name and is a .com We also own Which is cool, and makes sense but is .fish one of those not so serious domains? Do domains even matter any more with the world of searching, adwords and mobile platforms? I get it, if we switch our SEO will tank for a bit. The 10s of thousands of links on forums will only redirect to our home page instead of a product page. But spiders search and they'll find the relevant product. Plus we are so diversified listing on eBay, Amazon and WalMart cold called us. Is a .com really that important to a company like ours? Am I just overthinking all of this? Stick with: Change to: something else? LOL is available