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  1. Now in-stock! Alternative Reef Nano Magnetic Reef Shelf Handmade and sculpted ceramic custom frag station Includes coated magnetic outer disc Outer disc can be mounted outside of the aquarium or underwater Can hold up to 3/8" thick glass/acrylic Can be placed on aquarium wall or false wall/filter area Becomes part of your aquascape Provides an ultra-custom look that is adjustable for many applications Reef Shelf is approximately: 6" Long 4" Wide 3" to 1-1/2" Thick Magnetic Disc is approximately: 1-3/8" Wide 1-1/4" Deep
  2. We've got aphids! Ladybugs ordered
  3. Filtration media: Purigen: Prior to a few years ago we recommended: Filter floss top, purigen middle, chemi pure elite on the bottom. But now that chemi pure blue is out it's basically chemi pure elite and purigen put together. So you can run a 5.5oz bag of that with filter floss and call it a day. More purigen won't hurt and can help so you can run floss, purigen, CP Blue. Don't use their expensive useless cartridges. The media basket pays for itself by not running those. Just run media in the basket.
  4. 1-1/2 up north! But you've got to watch out for dem girls, they steal your license plates
  5. Back to Earth the sand goes. Or I guess could have thrown it into the cardboard recycling and cut up some hard working WM slave
  6. China acrylic seems to be the strongest thing on dat tank Should have taken it up north and given it da tannerite treatment Job creator
  7. Fun. It was all chipped on the bottom from traveling from trade shows. It also was taking up valuable warehouse room which costs $$$. It's discontinued and we don't need it for product support anymore.
  8. This new site design is fantastic, just like our new Coralife LED BioCube 16 Media Basket Now IN-STOCK and READY TO SHIP
  9. I would imagine the width is the most important. More height can always be added. This is probably your best bet for width. And they are super cheap:
  10. We are keeping updates on the site as known. We may consider the middle shelf removable, because of the piece that sticks up in the chamber it may or may not make sense after we make the 1st prototype. You still could run macro either way in one or more of the chambers.
  11. Never seen the tank. If it is a similar size then it is likely they use the same baffles.
  12. And it's pretty damn strong!
  13. Sorry, we do not do custom work. An easy solution is put the siporax in a larger mesh bag, then into the fuge basket. It will hold together then if you ever remove for cleaning. Thanks.