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  1. Hey Brandon - The Fuge basket is designed to install in the accessory chamber to the left or right of the intake chambers. If you want filter floss under the intake, look into our Filter Floss Holder, or Media Basket. Thanks. https://intankaquatics.com/jbj-rimless-nano-cube-30-and-45-floss-holder/ https://intankaquatics.com/jbj-rimless-nano-cube-45-media-basket/
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    inTroducing inTank • SWAG •

    By popular request we have released versions of our internal use clothing designs. Wear the most iconic symbol in the hobby, the Clownfish. And not the every day ordinary species but the Black and White Darwin Clownfish. Represented as the inTank brand for over a decade, now she is made to travel. inTank's beautiful filtration products are rarely seen hidden underwater, it's time one product surfaces for everyone to enjoy. High performance shirts and caps now available in different styles and sizes https://intankaquatics.com/intank-swag/
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    CHECK IT OUT: https://intankaquatics.com/intank-bonded-poly-filter-floss-value-pack-3-pads/
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    inTank makes your aquarium a homerun


    © ©2018 inTank Baseball

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    New 1/4 zip jackets for the inTank softball team. Stay tuned, sub-died shirts coming to the site soon modeled after this general design.

    © ©2018 inTank Apparel LTD

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    New 1/4 zip jackets for the inTank softball team. Stay tuned, sub-died shirts coming to the site soon modeled after this general design.

    © ©2018 inTank Apparel LTD

  7. https://intankaquatics.com/ New Arrivals: Cobalt Aquatics C-Vue 18G and 26G Fuge Basket https://intankaquatics.com/cobalt-aquatics-c-vue-18g-and-26g-fuge-basket/ Cobalt Aquatics C-VUE Floss Holder https://intankaquatics.com/cobalt-aquatics-c-vue-floss-holder/
  8. We need 1-2 real-world tank testers for our newly designed one piece ABS plastic Universal Surface Skimmer. Our current design doesn't work on some AIO aquariums and has mounting limitations. We think we came up with a much better and more simple design that should work on the majority of All-In-One aquariums, as well as aquariums with intake grates. And the new mounting clip is awesome. To Apply: List the aquarium(s) you are currently running in a reply Do you have issue with surface film buildup in your current setup? Have you used our current designed surface skimmer(s)? Conditions: Be active on Nano-Reef messaging or better yet email so we can communicate the feedback. Reside in the USA Ability to send pictures if needed Summers are busy so you need to be attentive to your aquarium for about 5 days straight. This is in case you need to adjust water levels. This will most likely not work on the Coralife BioCube 29 or 32 because of it's super tall intake grates. The surface skimmer is 4-5/8" wide Aprox adjustable heights 2-1/2" to 4" We will choose 1-2 product testers to receive a free surface skimmer. You get to keep it after the testing feedback.
  9. inTank Fish Savers help keep livestock in the display area of your aquarium, where they belong. Some All-In-One aquariums have design flaws where there are gaps that fish and other livestock can jump or move into the rear chambers. This is potentially harmful or even deadly. This Fish Saver Guard fills the 1/2" gap that is present between the false wall and the splash guard of the light. Made and laser cut from a super strong ABS plastic for a perfect fit Coralife BioCube 14 and LED BioCube 16: https://intankaquatics.com/coralife-biocube-14-and-16-fish-saver-guard/ Coralife BioCube 29 and LED BioCube 32: https://intankaquatics.com/coralife-biocube-29-and-32-fish-saver-guard/
  10. https://intankaquatics.com/fluval-spec-16-chamber-one-media-basket/ Chamber Two Basket also available: https://intankaquatics.com/fluval-evo-13-5-and-fluval-spec-16-chamber-two-media-basket/ https://intankaquatics.com/fluval-spec-16-chamber-one-media-basket/
  11. https://intankaquatics.com/
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    What basket for IM peninsula drop off?

    Hello - This basket should fit. https://intankaquatics.com/innovative-marine-fusion-nano-lagoon-peninsula-media-basket/ Please measure first and see our note why: Does this Media Basket fit the Innovative Marine Concept aquariums? They should. Please measure the depth and width of your chamber first as in the past, Innovative Marine did not make these with any standards. The depth is from the end of the intake channel piece to the rear glass of the aquarium. You can use a folded piece of paper or cardboard to help. What are the product dimensions? 10-7/8" Tall 2-3/4" Wide 2-7/16" Deep https://intankaquatics.com/shop-by-tank/innovative-marine/fusion-peninsula-20/ Thanks.