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  1. inTank Fish Savers help keep livestock in the display area of your aquarium, where they belong. Some All-In-One aquariums have design flaws where there are gaps that fish and other livestock can jump or move into the rear chambers. This is potentially harmful or even deadly. This Fish Saver Guard fills the 1/2" gap that is present between the false wall and the splash guard of the light. Made and laser cut from a super strong ABS plastic for a perfect fit Coralife BioCube 14 and LED BioCube 16: https://intankaquatics.com/coralife-biocube-14-and-16-fish-saver-guard/ Coralife BioCube 29 and LED BioCube 32: https://intankaquatics.com/coralife-biocube-29-and-32-fish-saver-guard/
  2. https://intankaquatics.com/fluval-spec-16-chamber-one-media-basket/ Chamber Two Basket also available: https://intankaquatics.com/fluval-evo-13-5-and-fluval-spec-16-chamber-two-media-basket/ https://intankaquatics.com/fluval-spec-16-chamber-one-media-basket/
  3. https://intankaquatics.com/
  4. inTank

    What basket for IM peninsula drop off?

    Hello - This basket should fit. https://intankaquatics.com/innovative-marine-fusion-nano-lagoon-peninsula-media-basket/ Please measure first and see our note why: Does this Media Basket fit the Innovative Marine Concept aquariums? They should. Please measure the depth and width of your chamber first as in the past, Innovative Marine did not make these with any standards. The depth is from the end of the intake channel piece to the rear glass of the aquarium. You can use a folded piece of paper or cardboard to help. What are the product dimensions? 10-7/8" Tall 2-3/4" Wide 2-7/16" Deep https://intankaquatics.com/shop-by-tank/innovative-marine/fusion-peninsula-20/ Thanks.
  5. New Product: AquaMaxx NF-1 Nano Protein Skimmer ▪ 2-7/16" Deep ▪ 4" Wide ▪ 13-5/8" Tall Great internal skimmer for tanks under 30 gallons Fits many All-In-One aquariums ▪ Modified and upgraded Italian Sicce Syncra Nano needlewheel pump ▪ Magnetic mount for easy installation and adjustment ▪ Ultra-quiet operation ▪ Cell-cast acrylic construction STOCK UP ON FILTRATION MEDIA AND SAVE 10% THROUGH TUESDAY
  6. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $35 https://intankaquatics.com/intank-bonded-poly-filter-floss-value-pack-3-pads/
  7. https://intankaquatics.com/
  8. After 10 years inTank FINALLY has a new website. And while there are many more details to go through and some that will just pop up the new website is LIVE http://intankaquatics.com/ We will have more announcements soon as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary. inTank was born on Nano-Reef.com and it's been a fun ride
  9. Original thought was a customer could use one basket, remove the middle shelf and use it as a fuge. But demand for this basket increased recently and we are an equal opportunity money receiver. You put the inside magnet in the pump chamber and turn the light sideways over the fuge basket. Or use some sticky Velcro instead of the magnet. The basket walls face the false wall and rear wall so there is not an opportunity for what you suggest. We've never received a need for this on other similar Fuge Baskets, the light is pretty well contained.
  10. The wettest water ever EVER
  11. Thanks. It's a labor of 2-3am nights but well over due. Hopefully will be ready in 2-4 weeks