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  1. https://intankaquatics.com/
  2. After 10 years inTank FINALLY has a new website. And while there are many more details to go through and some that will just pop up the new website is LIVE http://intankaquatics.com/ We will have more announcements soon as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary. inTank was born on Nano-Reef.com and it's been a fun ride
  3. Original thought was a customer could use one basket, remove the middle shelf and use it as a fuge. But demand for this basket increased recently and we are an equal opportunity money receiver. You put the inside magnet in the pump chamber and turn the light sideways over the fuge basket. Or use some sticky Velcro instead of the magnet. The basket walls face the false wall and rear wall so there is not an opportunity for what you suggest. We've never received a need for this on other similar Fuge Baskets, the light is pretty well contained.
  4. The wettest water ever EVER
  5. Thanks. It's a labor of 2-3am nights but well over due. Hopefully will be ready in 2-4 weeks
  6. This new Fuge Basket is an excellent way to add a refugium, biological or additional media •• SNEAK PEEK•• inTank Aquatics COMING SOON!!!
  7. InTank/Mediabaskets.com

    We are very happy you emailed us to catch that JeffUp and that we were able to correct it. It's imperative these days to get what you ordered, how you ordered it out the door correctly. inTank you and enjoy
  8. All included. Bluefish controller is already wired into the retro.
  9. Enjoy and congrats again. It's fun to throw in all that swag, and it was paid for long ago so I think we'll be okay for around another week of business. After that, well you never know the monthly hookers and blow expense. It's just not a budged item.
  10. Now ready to ship- Chamber One and Chamber Two Media Baskets CHAMBER ONE MEDIA BASKET CHAMBER TWO MEDIA BASKET https://intankaquatics.com/shop-by-tank/fluval/fluval-evo-13-5/
  11. This is an inTank only deal. Receive a FREE Copy of Alex Tunze's Saltwater Aquarium - A complete Pet Owner's Manual with the purchase of a Tunze 9001. This book is highly regarded as the best beginners guide to a Saltwater Aquarium. It is out of print so this is your chance to own, and read a piece of our hobbies history! Hurry, while supplies last! We have limited copies available. http://shop.mediabaskets.com/Tunze-DOC-9001-Nano-Protein-Skimmer-INCLUDES-FREE-BOOK-9001.htm
  12. Secret Santa 2017 Gift Photos 🎁 🎅

    There she is, Miss Slovakia 1972
  13. Perfect upgraded pump for your Fluval Spec I, II, V or Evo 5 Cobalt Mini MJ 606 Powerhead Specifications 2.25” x 1.5” x 2.25” 6.5W Power Consumption Adjustable from 83-159gph 46” Max Head https://intankaquatics.com/cobalt-aquatics-mini-mj-606-powerhead/