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  1. LOCATED IN STANTON, CA 90680 got new light so I got good condition AI Hydra 26 + Controller $280 Good condition ATI Sunpower 6x39Watt(36" fixture) $290 BNIB Vectra L1 $350 New Iwaki small pump. $50 New DIY top off with magnet $25 New Poseidon PS2 Titanium pump $60 PICK UP IN STANTON, CA 90680
  2. you can use powerhead with timer to turn on couple times a day to stir up the detrius so your skimmer can pick them up.
  3. BNIB:18-24 Inch Current USA Orbit Marine LED Aquarium Light $100. ( it come with controller and remote) http://www.marinedepot.com/Current_USA_Orbit_Marine_LED_Aquarium_Light__20_Inch_LED_Light_Fixtures-Current_USA-CU04100-FILTFILDTN-vi.html Also BNIB Euroquatics A1 Angel LED Light System (won at meeting but stick with T5) $360 LOCATED IN STANTON, CA 90680
  4. Milo, I have Prizm skimmer you can have bro.
  5. sorry, no Autotopoff so far.
  6. All Equipments are Located in Stanton, CA 90680. $450 70 gallon CAD Light (herbie style overflow) small chip in bottom but not affect the tank (got the tank that way a year ago) 4' Long Wood Black Stand Acrylic Sump Aquamaxx Skimmer [/url] SWC 160 Skimmer good condition, No start up issue. $120 Kent Marine Reactor $20 Left to right, Maineland vice there 100W, Askoll 50W, Viaaqua 50W, Equeon 50W $5 each Heim Jager 50W $7 ATI Bubble Master 200 Protein Skimmer for Sale $120 I did modded with ATB pinwheel and little Mesh on top. 2 days of skimmate Will have more stuffs after cleaning up the garage.
  7. psidriven. He doesn't have sister, but neighbor. Thanks guys.
  8. Thanks guys.
  9. Please Don't Step On Me.
  10. I named him. He is not manipulated fish.
  11. stunning Scoly
  12. one day