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  1. Dave, I tried everything with no luck, let me know what to send you and where. Thank you John
  2. Thanks for responding Dave, The screen went blank because the new case I purchased from BEN/CORALUX did not fit. I was using rubber bands to hold everything together (not a tight fit) so the controller may have been affected by the elements or the pressure of the rubber bands. Needless to say, I sent it back to BEN/CORALUX and he said he fixed it and upgraded the software. I got it back, plugged it in and only the blue LED's came on. I tried different pin placements but no other LED's will come on except a few of the blue ones. I will try your picture manual if that doesn't work can you please respond with your address so I can send it to you, thanks. John
  3. Hello folks, I am reaching out to the Nano-Reef Community, Ben from Coralux and Dave from Nanobox in hopes that I can get some help troubleshooting my lights/controller. I purchased the light (used) a few years ago, the power cord never fit the controller from day one (if it moved the wrong way the lights would go off). But that is not my current situation, I purchased a "blemished" case for the controller from Coralux and it did not fit, I had to hold everything together with rubber bands, then the display blanked out but the controller still worked normally. I was finally able to send the controller back to Ben to get the proper case on and the controller display working again. I got it back and now I cannot get the nano box to work (the only lights that come on are a few of the blue ones). I tried connecting the plug to the original pins on the controller but I only get a few lights on. I reached out to Ben and he said I should contact Dave or send the controller back? He did say that he upgraded the software so I am not sure if this changed things. Ben's response: Hi John, you might want to contact Dave at nanobox. He knows best about this specific type of issue. I can't rule out a problem external to the Storm which could damage the new Storm when you plug things in. The last resort is I can take the whole unit back to troubleshoot but I am only sure of the function up to the Storm's outputs at this point. Regards, Ben On Jan 17, 2019 4:52 PM, John <andino1967@aol.com> wrote: Please Help I don't want to junk the light and controller.😔 Thanks John
  4. Dave, I sent the controller to Ben, He upgraded the software to 3.0 and now I cannot get the lights working. All I get is a few blue LEd lights to come on. I tried plugging the pins the way I had them before and nothing is working.
  5. Dave, I never got in contact with Ben, as a result, the case was kept together with a rubber band which after time caused the display to go blank and I can't change/see the settings. I just sent him an email to see if he can assist, do you have any older storm controllers laying around?
  6. Do you still have the storm controller, I'm looking for one, thanks.
  7. Looking for the older style storm controller for my older style mini Tide.
  8. Looking for a storm controller, mine is crapping out on me, thanks.
  9. Looking for an older style Nanobox storm controller.
  10. Dave do you have any of the older controllers available?
  11. Dave, it worked! (But) I purchased a new case from the makers of the controller (was purchased as a blemished case) and the case opening for the square display is too small! I am trying to get in touch with them to resolve this.
  12. Thanks, i'll try that, I didn't want to break anything.
  13. I purchased a new cover for my Coralux Storm LED controller but I can't figure out how to remove the knob/selector. The clear plastic piece is part of the old clear case (the only piece I can't get off).
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