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  1. Still available, Does it come with a mount ?
  2. Just caught one of my hermit crabs munching on my Marble starfish ! is this normal ? I took him and placed him in the back compartment of my AIO until tomorrow. I am going to take him and the Camel shrimp (don't know what I was thinking) back to the fish shop.
  3. Thanks !
  4. Thanks, are they as pricey as House of Fins ?
  5. I'm in Scarsdale, Central Park Avenue. Had to drive all the way to Queens to find anything worth bringing home.
  6. Purchased a small Bubble Tip and it decided that the best spot in the tank was right next to the Rock Anemone ! Anyone else experience this ? what should I expect...
  7. I'm in the Scarsdale area by Central park avenue, thanks in advance !
  8. Thanks, I'll look it up.
  9. I'll be 2nd in line !
  10. Interested in the Ia Nano.
  11. Raising this one from the dead, Any other tried and true options (pumps) for the 4.5 gallon Micro Reefs all in one ?
  12. PM Sent.