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  1. Shrimp ID

    Thanks! they threw it in with the snails I purchased (paid less than $1.50 for it.
  2. Shrimp ID

    Picked this guy up at petco, it was crawling around with assorted snails and hermits.
  3. Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Club

    I don't NEED top, but yours are kind of hard not to WANT :) When I had my Micro Reefs tank I was instructed by the maker to place a piece of sponge in the 3rd chamber to prevent bubbles from the waterfall of the 2nd chamber.
  4. Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Club

    Any IM tops left? Price?
  5. Agressive Watchman Goby? RIP Doris :(

    Just returned a Bicolor Goby to the fish store because he was being aggressive with my black clown and picking at my corals!
  6. Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Club

    thanks again !
  7. Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Club

    Thanks ! What size should I get from BRS ?
  8. Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Club

    Good morning all, I just purchased a used Sicc .05 and wanted to know if the pump is plug and play or if I need to make any adjustments. Thanks
  9. Ultra Raspberry Lime Maxi Mini Carpet Anemone 4+ inches (not fully extended). Ive had this anemone for over 2 years in a healthy established 4+ nano tank. I moved him into my new Nuvo 10 and I am ready to go a different route with this tank. He is attached to his own piece of reef rock. Asking $75 Tidal Gardens is selling a similar colored Maxi at 1.5-2" for $75, they call it a Watermelon Mini Maxi Carpet (bright pinkish red body and neon green skirt) Pick up only, thanks.
  10. Algea

    What type of algea is this? I moved everything over from my Micro Reefs to this Nuvo 10 and this stuff is probably part of the cycling process.
  11. Attaching Corals to your existing rocks

  12. Attaching Corals to your existing rocks

    Thank you!
  13. Attaching Corals to your existing rocks

    Do you take the rock out of the water? when I put the coral I want to attach into the water the glue starts to get hard.
  14. What method works for you? What is your glue/putty of choice? Thanks !