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  1. None I missed the start date of the contest and Ive been extremely busy traveling for work.
  2. Toads are to aggressive and get to large. I also thought about star gazer, puffer, sea robin, lizard fish, juvenile spadefish or look downs. All would have to be released. Ive caught sea horse in the grass flats. This isnt the beginner forum. Everything on that list stays in the bay year round and will have no issue.
  3. All of the fish are brown, black, or gray. Only thing with color is the whip coral and the sponges.
  4. Chesapeake Bay There are no zebra mussels in my area. No chiller and no heater. My fish choices will be very limited due to size and aggression. Most people would be surprised to find out what there is in the bay. Here are some of the livestock I may select. Whip Coral Leptogorgia virgulata Lined seahorses Hogchoker Trinectes maculatus Naked goby, Gobiosoma bosc Seaboard goby, Gobiosoma ginsburgi Green goby, Microgobius thalassinus Northern pipefish, Syngnathus fuscus Dusky pipefish, Syngnathus floridae Striped blenny, Chasmodes bosquianus Feather blenny, Hypsoblennius hentz Skillet Fish Gobiesox strumosus Tessellated Darter Etheostoma olmstedi Red Beard Sponge Microciona prolifera Boring Sponge Cliona spp. Mantic Shrimp Squilla empusa Common Grass Shrimp Palaemonetes pugio Skeleton Shrimp Caprella spp Black Fingered Mud Crab Panopeus herbstii Common Spider Crab Libinia emarginata Blue Crab Callinectes sapidus Long-clawed hermit crab, Pagurus longicarpus Broad-clawed hermit crab, Pagurus pollicaris Banded hermit crab, Pagurus annulipes Atlantic Ribbed Mussel Geukensia demissa Oyster Crassostrea virginica Hooked Mussel Ischadium recurvum Marsh periwinkle Littorina irrorata Bay barnacle, Balanus improvisus White barnacle, Balanus subalbidus Ivory barnacle, Balanus eburneus Little gray barnacle, Chthamalus fragilis Sea Squirt Molgula manhattensis Hairy or common sea cucumber, Sclerodactyla briareus Pale sea cucumber, Cucumaria pulcherrima Cross-bearer sea slug, Hermaea cruciata Dusky sea slug, Stiliger fuscatus Emerald sea slug, Elysia chlorotica Kitty-cat sea slug, Elysia catula Limpet nudibranch, Doridella obscura Ridged-back nudibranch, Polycerella conyma Rough-back nudibranch, Dorisverrucosa Striped nudibranch, Cratena pilata
  5. Its not going to be pretty and Im not spending a dime. LR is going into the Bay this weekend to start cycling. All livestock will come directly from my backyard.
  6. Ive had no issues with Marco Rocks on two tanks. What do you feed? Some foods are loaded with phosphates. Algae hitchhiked on frag.