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  1. CAD 100G Artisan Build

    Just read the tread! cant wait to see this filled up. Great selection of equipment. I have the 50g cube from Cadlights and I too sport vortechs and a radion. Amazing stuff.
  2. Chalice ID needed

    Just picked this up over the weekend at the MAX show. The vendor told me the name of it but I cant remember for the life of me. I do remember its a tyree piece. I think he said atomic or atom something. Any help? Untitled by TheWeaz, on Flickr
  3. Can you drive? I have a old Fluval I can hook you up for cheap if your willing to pick up in Orange.
  4. MP10 Blue Box

    Ill take it. pm sent
  5. Sponge or something killing softies

    I did an Iodine dip last night.. Ill see how it looks tonight. It could be a goner though.
  6. Anyone have any clue what this is? Its white/almost clear, grows like an algae and only seems to affect softies. Does this look familiar with anyone? Here's a couple of pictures. is this a common issue? Ive never seen anything like this... DSC00691 by TheWeaz, on Flickr Untitled by TheWeaz, on Flickr Untitled by TheWeaz, on Flickr Here's how it looked about 2 weeks ago. Untitled by TheWeaz, on Flickr Any links or ideas to ID this would be appreciated.
  7. Bubble Magus doser won't hold syphon

    its just over 1 year old.. no leaking. The solution just falls back into the BM container. pretty annoying,
  8. I've searched around and couldnt find anything on this. My bubble magus doser has been having this issue for awhile.. I've changed the heads around and 1 of the 3 work correctly. The other 2 will hold the liquid for a short time ( a day or 2) then Ill check back and there's no liquid in the tubing. I'm using the BM liquid containers along with the unit. I changed the tubing and zip-tied the tube where it meets the doser.. Nothing is helping me.. Could this be a couple faulty pump heads? I cant think of anything else to fix this problem.. Anyone experience this? Any ideas to fix this would be appreciated.
  9. just read the whole build. Looks really good but was left hanging... Hope all this hard work is paying off now!
  10. Pink boobies fell upside down in sand

    Looks like its gonna make it! Probably would've melted by now if it wasnt
  11. Short Tentacle Plate Coral Issue

    I added 4 to my tank and caught them all munching on my Fungia corals. I hate those things, I got a hawkfish to take care of them. All my fungias have recovered since ( took a couple of weeks)
  12. Pink boobies fell upside down in sand

    Something I learned the same way you have... Glue it or lose it.
  13. Any help for RTN?

    sorry for your loss. Sucks loosing something so quick you couldn't even enjoy it.. Its the part that blows about this hobby. I would work on getting your perimeters in line before trying another SPS. Good luck.
  14. WTB Beginner Branching SPS corals

    location? I have some green slimmers and a couple orange digitata frags
  15. Selling mp40es w

    is it a mp-40esw?? PM me