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  1. Macro for nutriet export

    What do you recommend on macros that can be used in the Display Tank that will export nutrients, look good and will not be eaten by tangs? I will be using chaeto in my sump and for DT was thinking on Shaving Brush (Penicillus sp.) and maybe some others. Any suggestions?
  2. Coral Sellers in LA?

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this post goes here, but here it is. I might be travelling to LA area and are looking to visit some coral stores. I will for sure visit Vividaquariums facilities, but was wondering if you can recommend any other GOOD stores near the area I can go to. Any suggestions??? Thanks.
  3. What is this algae?

    Hi everyone, I am currently having some pest algae that I want to get rid of, but I need an ID on it first. It is mostly transparent with a litlle bit of red/brownish color. It is shaped like individual big drops but with no bubbles inside (looks like the hair of those troll toys ). It is mainly in the sand, but it is taken over the rocks. Here is a pic: Any ideas? Could it be Cyano? Thanks.
  4. Coral Online Shopping

    Hi Spirofucci, My local LFS imports from LA, so I don't need the corals delivered internationally. Just wanted to ensure they arrived fairly quick to his warehouse and avoid any potential delays. I will keep looking, so far I have good references on Vivid and Liveaquaria, however on the last one their WYSIWYG ships from WI. Yes. the northwest coast beaches are the best in my opinion
  5. Coral Online Shopping

    Anyone? It doesn't have to be in LA area, just wanted to make sure the site is reliable and corals will arrive in perfect conditions to LA. Thanks.
  6. Coral Online Shopping

    Hi everyone, I am about to convince my LFS to start importing from On-line stores that offers WYSIWYG. I am located in Costa Rica and he usually ships from LA. So, question is, any Online store you can recommend near or close to California with WYSIWYG? If it is not allowed to provide names here due to commercial restrictions please PM me. I know a couple of Internet stores, but not sure if they are good or if they ship quickly. Thanks in advance for all your input.
  7. Orange Hermit

    My "employee of the month", it has helped me a lot to control the algae.
  8. Melanurus Fairy Wrasse experiences?

    Humm, that might be a problem. I have two Turbo Snails and about 8 dwarf hermits. Will the fish actually eat them or just "play" with them. How about with shrimps like blood red and skunk cleaner? I have a 200gal tank.
  9. Melanurus Fairy Wrasse experiences?

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone of you had any experience with the Melanurus Fairy Wrasse (Halichoeres melanurus) fish? It seems like a very nice fish and apparently helps to control flatworms. This is where I saw him Aquacon It is the one in the middle in the first line. Thanks.
  10. Biopellets Reactor, experiences?

    Anyone? Doesn't have to be for the same Reactor, just looking for general experiences on Biopellet Reactor. I want to ensure it is worth the buy or it is not really that necessary.
  11. Hi everyone, I am thinking on buying a Biopellet Reactor but have no experience on it and just heard of them recently. I am looking for your experiences with this type of reactor and how good it is on removing Nitrates and Phosphates. This is the one I might be getting BR110 Biopellet Reactor. This will be on a 220gal reef tank I am about to set-up. Thanks for any comments you can provide on the Biopellet reactor overall.
  12. Skimmer for a 185gal reef tank

    Anyone? I've heard that a "rule" is that it is better to have a skimmer with double the capacity of your total water volume. For example, for a 100 gl tank they recommend a 200gl skimmer. What do you think? Or should I go and take the word of the manufacturer and for my project I should by a 200gl skimmer? I've also heard that too much capacity will make the skimmer to not foam properly and collect less waste or skim too much out of the water and take away food for the corals. What to do?
  13. Skimmer for a 185gal reef tank

    I will be moving soon from my 60gl reef tank to a 185gal tank. I am thinking on putting a Yellow tang, Purple tang, Powder Brown tang, Yellowstripe Maroon clown and probably two other medium fish. Will the Reef Octopus NWB-200 do the job? It is rated for 250 gallons or should I go for a 350 one? Thanks for the help.
  14. Hi everyone, What product do you use to dip your corals before putting in the tank? I want to start doing this procedure when buying corals, as I currently have flatworms and want to avoid in the future. Also, will this helps for LR or would it kill the beneficial bacterias? I will be putting a larger tank in the upcoming month, so maybe I can apply Flatworm Exit in a separate container before putting in the new tank. Thoughts? I am thinking on having the new tank pest free rather than worrying about the current one. Thanks!!!
  15. Hi everyone, I have a 60gls tank and considering to add a Bicolor Angelfish. I currently have several corals, mostly mushrooms, zoas, galaxea, bubble, fiji leather and I don't have any SPS. I have a skunk & in a few days a blood fire shrimp, with no clams. I want to hear from you if you have successfully kept this fish in a reef tank or you had to return it. I want to see if I should take the chance. Thanks.