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  1. Korallin 1502-C calcium reactor

    Still have?
  2. fs/ft Magnifica (ritteri) anemone

    Still have this nem?
  3. out of hobby sale

    Sorry to see you go tim - alex's brother from rutgers
  4. DIY LED stuffs

    Bump, whats sold is marked.
  5. FS 10 gallon refugium

    where in jersey are you located?
  6. Sucks you won't ship, you would have sold all the hanna testers and the brs reactor :/
  7. DIY LED stuffs

  8. FS: Black netting/mesh for custom top

    Need enough for a 40 breeder, slightly oversized preferably so roughly 38"x20" if you have that much
  9. DIY LED stuffs

  10. wtb: bubble tip anemone

    Looking for an anemone that is at least 4"+ across, either a nice rbta, or an uncommon color morph. Not interested in a rainbow with a fancy name for $400, so don't bother with anything like that. If you have a legit price, Shoot me a message with what you have, member or vendor, doesn't matter. Need a picture or link and a price. Will need to be shipped to 08002. Thank you.
  11. DIY LED stuffs

    All items are used in good working condition. 2x Meanwell ELN 60-48D Drivers $20.00 each shipped. $35 for both shipped. Each has a wall socket on the end of the power line. 44x BJB solderless connectors with mounting screws. All from reefledlights.com $25.00 shipped for all 16x Cree XT-E 80 degree optics. Brand new from rapid, white in color $10 shipped (pending) 8x Luxeon Rebel Greens $15 shipped 7x Cree XPG Cool Blue $15 shipped 4x Luxeon Rebel Cyan $10 shipped 3x Cree (XP-E/G? not 100% positive) Reds $$ Will add as a freebie to any purchase over $25. I has pictures but my phone is being stupid ill upload them later if need be.
  12. WTB: Bubble Magus NAC 5.5

    How many gallons is your setup you use the Sc 301 on Lawnman? Im running a 40 breeder with a 20L sump, roughly 50G total water volume.
  13. WTB: Bubble Magus NAC 5.5

    Any clue what the air draw on those is? I was debating That one but couldn't find that info
  14. as title states, looking for a Bubble Magus NAC5.5 skimmer. post here or pm me what you want and if you have a picture of the skimmer showing the condition that would be cool too. Other relatively similar skimmers would be fine too. show me what ya got!
  15. Z's & P's

    Not on mobile it doesn't. Thanks