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  1. Ich problem

    I have been fighting for almost a week to keep my 2 clowns alive after discovering they had Ich. I have been dosing tank with ruby reef kick Ich, and soaking food in garlic. As of yesterday they were looking better, but today the smaller male is staying in the corner and breathing real heavy. After seeing this I knew I needed to setup qt tank. Went to LFS and they advised I try Seachem cupramine. I have everything setup and the male in the tank. My female is looking better and honestly scared to move her unless I have to. Is my male going to stress more if I don't move her?
  2. mine will arrive today. cant wait to get my new toy
  3. just ordered mine aswell minus the energy bar 8, which i am already regreting. cant wait to get it all setup
  4. Recommend me a skimmer...

    i love my aquatic life 115 mini
  5. Aquatic Life 115 Skimmer Air Intake Mod

    the skimmer might be too low. have you tried raising it abit?
  6. looking to purchase the Apex Jr. anyone know if i will need the VDM Module in order to control sun rise/sun set with my LEDs?
  7. Green or Red LED

    I wasn't going to remove any just add. Might just add a couple reds to see how it looks. I have some red acans and want to see if it does anything with the color
  8. Biocube 29 Rapidled kit Help

    I believe I setup at 700ma, and I am running at about 70-75% now. oh and yes I have a BC 29 w/ 12 b and 12 cool w
  9. Biocube 29 Rapidled kit Help

    I would keep them low for now, then play with color. I was surprised at how easy it was to bleach my corals with my rapid kit on my BC. it's been several months with kit and still working on fully recovering a few. love my lights though
  10. Green or Red LED

    I was asking for mainly color. my LEDs are currently only running about 65% with good growth. I didn't know if adding any of the 2 colors would bring out anymore color in my corals...
  11. biocube LED build

    I don't see why not... I plan on doing the same
  12. New LED Lighting Fixture Design

    Amazing skills!
  13. Green or Red LED

    Anyone using the green or red LEDs on rapidled.com?