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  1. 24G aquapod loaded setup - $400 Firm Miami

    bumpity bump, does no one want this???
  2. 24G aquapod loaded setup - $400 Firm Miami

    Alright, need to get this sold. $400 FIRM FIRM FIRM Want to see someone have this great tank, call me with offers, still dont want to part out. 305-301-2412
  3. Hi all, college is coming up( U Michigan or Wake :thumbsup:) and I need to let go of my beautiful 24 gallon mixed reef setup. This setup is ready for ANYTHING. Here is the equipment list: 24G aquapod 150 watt HQI with 14K Phoenix bulb 2 Koralia 1s Remora Skimmer w/ drain fitting AC70 converted to fuge with light 1/15th HP chiller with plumbing and pump Phosphate reactor Aquapod pedestal Livestock list: Coral beauty angelfish Occelaris clownfish 30lbs LR 5+ head Duncan Many nice zoos just check the pic for the corals! I live in the Coral gables area near UM, so please PM me for offers or questions. Thanks for your interest! Also, i will not be parting unless i have offers on everything. thanks!
  4. Name our Business Contest -WINNER!

    Marine Imports and Services Saltwater Critters Etc. One Stop Reef Shop Saltwater Reef Source
  5. zoa disease?

    zoas in heat.
  6. Senior and still in the hobby, ja ja! Sorry to hear you're getting out, good luck on getting a truck, its real good having a car, freedom!
  7. Micro-Small Algae Remover System for Nano's: Free!

    About 8,000 species complicated.
  8. RC got OWNT

    Reef central DERP!!!
  9. I somehow forgot the name of this coral....

    platygyra? goniastera? ouluphyllia actually does look similar. http://www.tidalgardens.com/pages/coral/oulophyllia.html
  10. Life in live rock

    +1 for seeding!
  11. Feeding a coral only tank

    LPS corals do not necessarily need to be fed, as they are photosynthetic. That said, they will be much much happier with 2x weekly feedings of mysis shrimp. To feed LPS corals, I usually wait till an hour after lights out, then i turn off all flow, and use a syringe to put mysis right over the coral so it sinks right into the corals feeder tentacles.
  12. Help Platygyra

    I think you should put it in an area of low flow and low to medium light, which is something that most LPS corals will enjoy. Obviously, the bottom of the tank is the most ideal spot. I would say that, yes, a total die off will affect the tank, but not if the coral recedes. Also, the coral might just be shocked from being moved into the tank, did you drip acclimate it for at least 1.5hours? Just keep up with your weekly water changes, keep the coral sheltered, and thats pretty much all you can do. I think it will self-heal, if you give it time. Feedings 3x a week with mysis might also help alot. Good luck
  13. Snail ID please

    +1 quite a factor in deciding the species, im gonna take a early guess at dwarf cerith...