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  1. depressed little fishy

    I understand that I'm just worried about it not eating.
  2. depressed little fishy

    I had a clown that loved this one mushroom, something happen and i had to move the shroom to another tank. He was ok when it was gone but as soon as I put it back in the tank with him (months later) he got all exited and started hosting it again. so what if you try to give his old spot back and see if that makes him happy again.
  3. Sump and Plumbing Questions

    I know there are ways to mod it to make it easy to clean.
  4. Sump and Plumbing Questions

    have you consisted putting a SCWD on the return?
  5. Nano-Reef.com 9th Birthday Giveaway

    Best Site On the Web!
  6. Red Vs. Black Mangroves

    shoot him a PM and ask him.
  7. Water Disposal

    I got the Pipes scoped and the plumber saw the corrodtion and said the must of had a water softener in this house. Thats what got me thinking about it. I live in Denver so saltwater on my driveway still = ice sheet.
  8. Water Disposal

    I'm looking to buy a home. It is older and the plumbing is made of cast iron. I would rather not dump a bunch of saltwater down the drain ever week and damage my plumbing. What can I do with my old water from water changes?
  9. Need Ideahs For a 20G Sump/Fuge

    I know it looks hard but the thing is GRATE and a LOT easier then at first. I got the acrylic for $4 at ACE and the even cut it for me. I have Pics of me doing it if that would help you too. http://www.melevsreef.com/acrylics/overflow.html
  10. Need Ideahs For a 20G Sump/Fuge

    I put a 10g under my 20H (see my tank link below) I has been run great now for some time. I use a MJ1200 for the return but its only about 2 1/2 Ft under the display. I have had the fuge running with a DSB, Mangroves and algae NO SKIMMER and have 0 PO4 and 0 Nitrates. I'll see if i can't find the instructions for the DIY Over flow i used too.
  11. Spider Nimble

    I won the 'Spider Nimble' from C Jerome http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?s=&showtopic=215814&view=findpost&p=2530971 And my glass has never been cleaner! You can see the little guy up on the top. I could not get a better shot of the Spider because I have a CHEAP camera.
  12. My 20g reef Build

    rip as much of it off and vacuum it out then cover it with a peace of plastic so it doesn't get any light for a few weeks while ever water change rip as much of it off and vacuum again.