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    Aviation has always been one of my biggest interest but the ocean and reefs have been in close second.
  1. Still for sale?
  2. Toby's 60g SPS Reef FTS 9/19/15

    Do you not use the overflow? is that why the water line is down

    i would like the 18x10x10 not drilled not painted ledge reef tank soft coral some lps
  4. SNG's Reef Tank. 10 months old 2/22/2015

    looks great, what bulb combo are you using, just got a t5 retro for my 75
  5. Mangoes anemone in sump

    thanks for the advice. I'm keeping my eye on them with my lighter ready.
  6. Mangoes anemone in sump

    LIKe the title says, i have a couple on mangoes(or however you spell it) anemone in my fuge. Will they travel to the DT.Just wondering if i should get ride of them, or leave them be?
  7. PicO Spooktackular Skimmer Giveaway!

    Here is my creepy brittle star http://s36.photobucket.com/user/Nathanwannenmacher/media/DSCF0595_zps5f4fb13e.jpg.html'>
  8. SNG's Reef Tank. 10 months old 2/22/2015

    Thanks for the recomindation . i'm defiantly in the poor reefers club lol
  9. SNG's Reef Tank. 10 months old 2/22/2015

    I just bought a used 75 last week and need to upgrade the lights came with pc was thinking about getting the 48 inch version
  10. SNG's Reef Tank. 10 months old 2/22/2015

    Are you using the same t5 fixture that your 40b was using?
  11. this is hard but my favorite coral is open brain, and fish is the yellow headed jawfish
  12. Cylinder reef vase

    So i was drilling my tank for the return piping and the damn thing shattered. So i have to go buy a new tank so off to wall mart
  13. Cylinder reef vase

    I dont think the aqua lifter will make it overflow all around the sides you need a stroger pump to break the surface tension. and i wish i had an ikea around me i had to buy mine from wallmart.
  14. Cylinder reef vase

    The lines in the vase are glass clarity issues i guess, but i cant see them with IRL so i dosent bother me
  15. Cylinder reef vase

    So after some thinking i decided to make things interesting and make a overflowing pico. After i bowrow my freinds drill we will be good to go. and some pics