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  1. clown fish price

    My lfs sells 3 for $19.95 None of the employees has a AIO though....
  2. Soaptray's JBJ 28g NanoCube Journal

    Filet knife and net took care of my bad melo something, looked nice but scary.
  3. Clownie jumped overboard. :(

    Once a month my 6 line or clown jump into the back chambers of my 14g Biocube. I figure they each make the other jump since snails and coral won't cause it. I have made sure the rear chambers have water in them so I can place them back in the tank (not filling up the middle chamber with floss). The 2 clowns I have in my 24g AP have never jumped (successfully) into the rear chambers. The PJ Cardinal and orange little bottom fish have never jumped in my other 14g BC. I feel for your loss, it would hurt to lose any of my live stock. There has got be a closer solution, ask around if anyone you know has a wrasse causing trouble or got 3 clown fish by mistake.
  4. How do I get rid of my hair algae?

    My snails have 4" long green algae and really move to Bob Marley.
  5. Reef Central

    The noob postings here have gotten hard to tell if someone is serious or trolling. Luckily (for the noob) my advise is usually limited to, "use the search engine".
  6. 27 Clownfish in a 210!

    Krayon is a bot
  7. MTS!

    2 14g bc 1 24g pod 1 groodle : look it up. Thinking of shutting down the bc that caught on fire but the scape is so nice.
  8. Left new tank for one night

    Even I did not rush in that quickly. GSP take a while to open after being disturbed.
  9. If you kept all that in a 10 gallon tank and have an 80gallon, I think you can decide on what is right for your 14g BC. Good luck on the breeding.
  10. 27 Clownfish in a 210!

    Do not enable his OCD.
  11. Are your biocube 14g fans loud?

    Make sure the plugs connecting the lights are tight and dry. You also have to have a decent drip loop and power cord. For some reason my BC 14g light plugs came in 2 parts that need to be connected together, be wary of these connection points for your drip loop and keep nothing flammable around them.
  12. convince me not to give up

    Also keep the tank out of sunlight and feed them less.
  13. recent events would make me go with a voltage meter...
  14. re-painting disaster

    It be Krayon, and any other names assiocated with ocd posting.
  15. BC 14g light plug connection fire.

    Thanks all. I have tried staying away from halides because of the temptation of buying expensive coral I do not have the experience keeping alive. Could have been much worse.... http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthre...mp;pagenumber=1