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  1. The Holy Grail of Gobies

    +1 Awpong. This fish is roughly 1/6th the size of a flaming prawn goby...
  2. Not sure if you are being facetious about the $18 magnet cleaner, but I'm just saying that historically on the market, there has been mag float/two little fish cleaner, etc. $5-20 (sucks hard), and high end ones like magnavore ~$50-75 (No idea how they work, bc that is way too much for a glass cleaner). When I got the nimble for $16 a couple of years ago, it was phenomenal bargain for the price. It sounds like the new one isn't up to par on quality. This may be the difference between him making them by hand, and having them made in bulk...
  3. @Bensanders. Given your attitude, you will definitely be disappointed. I like many others got one several years back, and had to wait at the time longer than expected. However, once it arrived, it was worth the wait, and I'm still using it roughly 2.5 years later. I also just ordered one May 26th, and it shipped today. It's an $18 cleaning magnet, and just doesn't seem to be worth 7 posts worth of whining (on this page; maybe more before this EDIT: 11 total). If you would read this thread, as well as the 40 page thread from before, you would know: They take awhile to get here, but they are a really good product. End of story.
  4. Nano-Reef.com 10th Birthday Gift Giveaway

    Count me in. happy Bday NR.
  5. SOLD - Please close

    Now that I look at it, the only small challenge is that the aquarium rim has four pre-made holes for the screws to go into: Also, there are two more spots, one on each side to receive a screw, that have arms on them. This allows you to prop up the hood, like the holder on a car hood which keeps it up: Assuming that these are not on your aquarium's rim, you may have to get creative, and use some epoxy, to make something for these screws to hold onto.
  6. SOLD - Please close

    The lid works as follows: The hood has plastic pieces on either side that clip onto the back rim of the aquarium. Then there are four screws that go onto the front to secure the hood in place and for strength for opening and closing the lid.
  7. SOLD - Please close

    The top of the tank is 13.8" Wide, and 15.8" from front to back. Of course the glass is curved. You might want to e-mail JBJ to be 100% sure. I doubt they've changed the footprint, but I would hate for you to buy it, and it not fit.
  8. SOLD - Please close

    Price Drop: $40 + $12-15 for shipping depending on location. Item is already impeccably packaged, and ready to ship out pending payment. Thanks for looking
  9. SOLD - Please close

    For sale is a BRAND NEW hood from a JBJ Nano-Cube 12 DX. This model has 2X24W PC lights (comes with 50/50 actinic/daylight) and 2 actinic moonlights. The moonlights have a built in ballast, and the two PC lights have an external ballast with a single ON/OFF switch. I have turned the lights off and on several times to be sure that they work. I'm selling bc I'm going topless on my cube and just purchased a sunpod 70W metal halide. Bottom of hood: Top of hood: External PC ballast: These sell for $83 + shipping on the website. I'd like to get $50 + shipping. Just for an idea, I did a test quote to ship to California, and it was around $12.
  10. f/s sunpod for 12 gallon

    I'll go $100 shipped if this is the 16.5" 70W version.
  11. 12 gallon Nanocube

    Hey NR. I just got a new 12 gallon nano-cube by JBJ. I've tried searching all over the place for an owner's thread, and can't find one. I'm probably going to make this a frag tank, but I was just wondering what some of the common modifications are. So far, the fan is insanely loud. Also, wondering if there is a go to ATO for this unit, pump upgrades, etc. Or, I would just like some links for people that have good ones running. Thanks.
  12. The Biocube Resource Guide

    Hey, maybe someone has already covered this, but I couldn't find it with search. I'm having some algae issues, even though PO4 is ZERO and Nitrates are between 0-5 ppm. I was wondering if anyone has put a hang on the back refugium on their tank? Any results?
  13. MarvinsReef Clownfish & Anemone Tank

    Hey Marvin. I assume this tank is still going strong?