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  1. Fuge Newbie

    That is a good question about shredding the life out of things growing in the fuge and sump when pumped to the main tank, will that happen? Will a pump that gets its water out of the bottom of the sump suck up the life forms? Also why use a glass or acrylic sump/fuge? I see that many people have done that, but some of them seem expensive for just hiding it under or behind a tank. Why not use a Rubbermaid, or other plastic container?
  2. Fuge Newbie

    For size of fuge is something that is only 6" dep OK, or must it be bigger like a normal tank? I was thinking that a fuge could sit a top a sump tank so the size could be 12" by 20" by 6" or so. How does this sound?
  3. Fuge Newbie

    I am researching into setting up a nano-reef tank and I have found these forums and a couple of books to be most helpful. I have a couple of questions though on fuges. I am thinking that I would have at most a 20 gallon size tank and then below it, in a cabinet, I wanted to setup a sump and fuge. This way I get more stability in temp with more water and I get to have more of a natural filtration with the fuge. I imagine that from the main tank to the sump/fuge would be gravity fed, then after the sump/fuge there would be a pump. I was thinking the fuge would be before the sump tank. In the sump tank then would be heater, skimmers, and whatever other controls and test equipment for the water's needs. Now my questions: Is this alright to do, as oppose to a gravity feed fuge back into the main tank? Is there a best size for a fuge for a tank of this size? Is there a required depth and size to ensure proper function in a fuge? When going from a fuge to the sump, is this just a waterfall, or gravity feed connection? Thank you for any helps and comments you may be able to provide me. Also thank you having this forum, as it has helped me as I am tried to browse through it when I have time.