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  1. Your tank looks so Awsome, I just hope that someday my tank will achieve such greatness
  2. thanks I'm deffinetly interested in more info on how you set up that fuge....I can wait till mid July... TIA
  3. do you have any pics of what you descibed above ?
  4. Cool I never thought of using soda cans as reflectors I'll have to try that on my single screw in CF
  5. I have new Pics at Http://
  6. LOL What I like the most is also that it doesn't take up the whole back. I'm gona be setting up another tank it'l probly be a 10 also I need to seperate my two Damsels that are in my 5.
  7. Cool I the built refuge my next tank is gona be similar to yours
  8. and the 10w mini Compact isn't exactly dim either... it 's the only thing that lights my room during the nights.
  9. I've only had the Anemone inthe tank for 3wks now it also gets some natural sunlight. But yes I plan on Upgrading the lights to 2 x 13w PC's as soon as i can aford them
  10. My tank been setup for about 1 1/2 months now. It has 18 lbs Crushed Coral 3 lbs once live rock 1 1/2 lbs Brazilian Live Rock 1 Four Stripe Damsal 1 Yellow Damsal 1 Purple Tip Anemone Macro Aglae 5-15 Regent H.O.B. w/ filter in place air stone barried in crushed coral 10w 6700k mini compact