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  1. StevieT's Red Sea Max Experience

    Yes it works very well to keep Ca and Kh without having the pain to do daily doses, 3 pumps delivering the "balling" solution, 25ml of each bottle everyday. As it is automated, I don't care anymore if I'm at home or not. You can add pump (up to 8) to dose anything you want (ie mg, trace elements or whatever) and each pump is independant and has its own program. Cost is around 300 euros for starting package with 3 pumps. Cup and rack are all good, cup is cleaned every week, and rack once a quarter with warm water. Still very happy with it and now I'm using some purigen as well.
  2. StevieT's Red Sea Max Experience

    Hello Steve, I see your moving is over and was ok ! I've adding a dosing pump automated unit to my RSM and did a video for my blog, and you might be interested as your media rack and tunze cup is right in the center and still looking very nice after almost a year http://blip.tv/file/2038982 or http://la-comte.net/blog/?page_id=1055 your choice but 2nd link requires to eat frogs legs and read old medieval french Amitiés,
  3. StevieT's Red Sea Max Experience

    didn't know pods could be bought, I have to look after it
  4. StevieT's Red Sea Max Experience

    do you think your fauna will be enough to satisfy your Manderain or you'll have to feed him like others ? If I get a slop free in mine I may really consider to add one, one of the most if not the most beautiful fish imo have a nice week end all
  5. StevieT's Red Sea Max Experience

    I really like Manderain but afraid to add one in my tank, beautiful pictures
  6. I hate Fed-Ex

    Shipping living stuff is always very risky and not covered by policy, most of the shipping companies do not want it indeed. I suggest you check the "Signature Release" option with you local FDX office and give them a permanent delivery without signature authorization (no POD required anymore). Link : http://www.fedex.com/us/customersupport/ex...tracking.html#5 Or may call FDX when you get the AWB details and arrange a delivery. Finally, you can request a HAL, Hold at Location and get your package yourself at the nearest FDX station.
  7. StevieT's Red Sea Max Experience

    Today, I think the best plug&play nano reef tank is from Elos. If I was in the business I would be happy to work on a new production starting from scratch, we have our own experience and I believe we know what is missing today in a RSM. What annoys me the most today with my rsm, is to shut down manually every day some of the equipment during food distribution when I know a timer could do it for me, but it's not really possible to use some as most of the cables are going on the tank side and there's no way to put a timer in it. I don't want to have cables running everywhere to the back and under the tank
  8. StevieT's Red Sea Max Experience

    Imo I don't see much improvements with the 130D, being a max owner for a few months now, I know there' s a lot more room for improvement over what is proposed with the 130D ie there's a chamber of death again... some ideas : automatic feeding system in the hood, hqi lightning, individual timer for pump skimmer lightning, media rack, sump in cabinet, better water ventilation, chiller, etc.
  9. Test Kits

    I'm using Salifert test since august and really enjoy them, fast accurate data, price is good too
  10. StevieT's Red Sea Max Experience

    you know nothing comes free, already 17 years of service to make Memphis bigger speaking about shipping I just ordered this to feed my Tubastreas and this to grow everything up. So far I'm just adding Ca and Kh weekly, Mg is ok with water changes. Rigth now I have some issues with cyano and have to clean sand, I need to keep an eye on it.
  11. StevieT's Red Sea Max Experience

    thanks lol ! don't worry with the beer, I have prices with FedEx we'll send a pallet back to your home please forgive me if I start drinking before
  12. StevieT's Red Sea Max Experience

    We have a meeting to come with FranceNanoRecif (the french nano-reef version) on Nov 22nd, we'll drive from Paris to southern Belgium to visite a big big shop (http://www.poisson-or.com/PBCPPlayer.asp?ID=101738), we'll eat some mussels & french fries (you can't miss that when going there), and I'm expecting to bring back around 300 lbs of Belgium Trappist Beer and get killed by the wife when she'll see my Mastercard bills... If you fly to the old continent, feel free to join us, Yes you can ! "Sweet home Chicago"
  13. StevieT's Red Sea Max Experience

    not yet Steve, but I think I'll rather work on a customized solution with a local shop. Apart his design, the RSM was a good deal to educate myself to this new hobbie before to move to the next step with confidence. ps : congrats for your new President people, France had all his eyes over USA this (long) night
  14. StevieT's Red Sea Max Experience

    Thanks Steve I move slowly as I'm learning for the 1st time how to keep a tank (never had one before). Yes I feel the floss is better placed on the very first shelf, I can put more without having water flow issue. I think next year, if the economic crisis didn't kill us before I'll go for a larger tank around 100 gallons (380 liters)
  15. StevieT's Red Sea Max Experience

    StevieT for President ! Steve, here is my tank latest video, you may find it interesting as your part of it with your advices and the terrific Media Rack ! http://la-comte.net/blog/?p=285 I now put my floss on the first shelf, I think it's easier to change it every 2 or 3 days without removing the whole rack.