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  1. Sounds like me. My water is very clean but very hard due to the aquifer it comes from so I run through a softener before my MaxCap. I just changed my ZetaZorb and carbon block after 2 years because I thought it was time, not because they were dirty (quite the contrary) or because of pressure drop ( goes to and stays at ~80 psi when I max out the valve, has for two years).
  2. Fluval Spec V

    Yes, please continue, the skimmer is the key part.
  3. Hypes Edgeless Ridge Islet-Complete

    Cool! Can't wait for the 30-C FW as well!
  4. Jack's spec2

    I guess it's a matter of perspective. Cool tank!
  5. Fluval Spec rear chamber ?

    I'd agree that blocking the overflow from the front would work better, was thinking in terms of an all-in-one solution.
  6. Fluval Spec rear chamber ?

    I was looking into this myself for a potential upgrade from the II to the V (hoping to move the established sponge/media over) and assumed they were all the same chamber since they sell only 1 replacement sponge that fits all three specs. On your design you might consider having it tall enough so as to block about half the height of the inlet slots so they actually skim the surface. Or maybe just block half the slots and force more water through the remaining ones. This is my one real complaint with the system, the surface scum. Love my AC70 basket!
  7. Mr. Microscope's Cube 2.1

    Looking incredible. I picked up a Mr. Aqua 18" cube myself recently and am taking inspiration from this!
  8. Kold Ster-il Poly-Bio Marine

    That's not an RO system. Does it say that it is?
  9. Hypes Caribbean Bommie

    Cool, thanks. I kinda got a kick out of that given what folks spend on MH bulbs. I could get a pair of those bulbs shipped to my door for $30 at the current sale price. Bet that would make a great planted bulb as well.
  10. Mojado's 40-Breeder build - now w/FTS

    Yes! Might be the best avatar I've seen. ¬°cuidado! :-)
  11. Hypes Caribbean Bommie

    Which 10k is it? Really nice look.
  12. I worked at a really nice place ages ago and when we'd get them in (pretty rarely as with most Red Sea at the time) I'd stare at them for hours.
  13. OT - The Semilarvatus is my favorite fish. Never owned one, though, too $$$.