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  1. the water isn't under the tank, but between the glass and the plastic bottom of the tank. there isn't a way to "spill" water in there, rather faulty silicone between the side and bottom glass pieces is the culprit. you can strip the old silicone and attempt to re-seal it, or try to patch the existing silicone. else, water will begin to seep out from the black plastic that surrounds the bottom of the tank on the sides. you will literally be able to press on the plastic around the bottom of the tank and water will spill out. i had this problem with a BC29 and ended up pitching it since it wasn't worth taking risk on ruining my wood flooring. that was after i attempted to re-seal the entire tank with black silicone.
  2. Biocube 29 leak

    thanks for the reply. i scraped and cleaned off all of the silicone i was able to reach with straight razor blade and utility knife. at this point, i'm just going to purchase a new tank since another $300 investment is better than spending another $2000 on ruined flooring. the tank will go to recycling, but i will sell the hood, which is in excellent shape.
  3. Biocube 29 leak

    Hi all - I received an Oceanic Biocube 29 from my friend and I found out that it leaks around the outside seam between the plastic base and glass. After trying to re-caulk the problem areas, the leak still persisted, so I decided to re-caulk the entire tank, inside and out. After re-caulking the tank, it still leaks around the outside seam of the tank between the plastic base and glass, although I have not caulked around the outside of the tank since I'm trying to isolate where the leak is coming from. My question is - should water be getting between the glass and base in these tanks? I don't want to caulk around the outside of the tank and everything seem OK for a while, then spring a leak and ruin my new wood flooring. Thanks
  4. Myelin's Biocube 8 LED

    right, i feel the same. great owner, just wish they kept more livestock. their prices aren't that bad, and they do keep some good frags.
  5. Myelin's Biocube 8 LED

    thanks! what lfs do you shop at around here?
  6. Myelin's Biocube 8 LED

    Thanks for the tips. I'm going to take some shots this weekend and will hopefully have something to post soon.
  7. Myelin's Biocube 8 LED

    Since the last post, I added 3 colonies of zoanthids, a clownfish, and a cleaner shrimp. I held off updating this thread as I am trying to control brown slime algae as well as learn how to adjust my D90 for LED lights. All of my photos come out overexposed. Otherwise, the tank is great! I am enjoying the lighting system from Dave Fason over at nanobox.
  8. Gromit's 29 gallon BC Tank

    score one for the home team! nice tank!
  9. Paratiddies' 8g Biocube

    best of luck to you with the new tank! as for the evaporation, they sell glass tops that help keep consendation to a minimum. it will also keep fish from jumping out of the tank! keep us posted with your progress.
  10. Paratiddies' 8g Biocube

    tank is looking good! thanks for the update.
  11. Megability's BioCube29 Build Thread

    you are capturing the cycle of life in y our tank very well. as others have stated, it is an inspiring tank! keep up the great work.
  12. Myelin's Biocube 8 LED

    Hi all - just wanted to give you an update. The LED hood from Dave Fason arrived yesterday. WOW! I will post some photos as soon as I am able to adjust my D90 to capture the LEDs correctly. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. For now, here are some photos of the hood: 1 LED moonlight ON: A video of the "shimmer" effect created by the 1 LED moon light and Hydor Flo: Also added the inTank Media Basket today with filter floss, Purigen, and Chemi-Pure Elite: