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  1. Thanks for the info. I'll give him another week or so before he goes back to the store.
  2. This little guy is nipping at my acropora for some reason. Is this normal? There are now small white spots where he has been nipping at the acro.
  3. 22 hours?! Yikes.
  4. I'd get the glass so you will also cut down on evap. I just got a glass top so my fish would stop jumping out, and I have cut down the evap. that gets out of the tank substantially.
  5. Wow, that's expensive for water.
  6. My bc does that from time to time. I think they are very sensitive to water conditions. He usually stays inside when I need to do a water change.
  7. Nice tank! I read the whole thread. It sounds like we are in the same boat. We lurked soo much, you really don't have anymore questions - just get to work on your tank and make it look nice. That's where I'm at now. Nice job again.
  8. We can't stop here....this is bat country.... Nice tank.
  9. Nice. I like the blue/green reef chromis.
  10. Nothing is impossible, and don't believe everything you read.
  11. Snails like to explore, so that sounds normal. Mine like to sit on the PH's - right in front of the current.
  12. Nice tank. I like the coloring against the black background.
  13. Prop some stuff and sell it.