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  1. Seachem Fuel

  2. Seachem Fuel

    Trimming it back is all well and good, it physically spreads and takes over the tank. Trimming won't stop the stalks from attaching and spreading.
  3. Seachem Fuel

    Count yourself lucky, Xenia is a weed and takes over tanks. If that's your only concern I'd say return the "Fuel" and save the money for livestock or other things.
  4. New tank help

    I would think a sponge filter, unless cleaned religiously, will cause nitrate problems as it get clogged with crap.
  5. will blue leds cause gha to grow more?

    I wouldn't think it would grow more per se, don't think it'll die either.
  6. Chalice Id

    A greenish one.
  7. Shrimp . . . Or something else?

    Looks like a pod.
  8. mixing salt help ?

    I'm gonna buy a scale...I'm not a coke dealer
  9. Recommendations for Coral Glue

    I use the Two Little Fishies brand perosnally, at least that's what I think it is. It's lasted me for over a year and it's not even half gone.
  10. What are these on my green button polyps?

    Sounds like you got it right, pods.
  11. What are these in my back chamber

    Hard to tell but are you talking about the white-ish tube looking things? Looks like the tubes from feather dusters to me. Do they move?
  12. Zoa i.d.

    Incredibly hard to make out through the algae.
  13. RO/DI

    I really should buy one of those, the "distiller" that makes the WalMart distilled here in Denver is Deep Rock and they claim a TDS of less than 5 at all times, I should check.
  14. Starfish ID

    Keep it and sell it to people that want to get rid of their Xenia, there is most certainly a market for that!
  15. Acan?

    Looks like an acan echinata IMO As far as what kind, no clue...