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  1. endy0430

    Brand New XR15 Pro and RMS Single Mount

    SOLD. please close
  2. Selling a brand new XR15 Pro asking 370.00 Shipped and brand new RMS single mount asking 70.00 Shipped
  3. endy0430

    Hydra 26 HD

  4. endy0430

    Hydra 26 HD

    I have a buyer back out so I have a single Hydra 26 HD back up for sale. 250 Shipped. I don’t have the original box. Light was use for 6 months.
  5. endy0430

    Hydra 26's HD and HMS Mounts

  6. endy0430

    Hydra 26's HD and HMS Mounts

    2nd lights SOLD 2 HMS mounts available 65 each shipped
  7. endy0430

    Hydra 26's HD and HMS Mounts

    One light sold One light still available and the 2 mounts
  8. I have 2 Hydra 26's and 2 HMS Mounts for sale. The lights are about a year old.Asking 275.00 each for light and 65 for each mount.Shipping depends on destination. Thanks
  9. I bought this for my setup and its been on hold for awhile. Everything is brand new just open it to look at it. Asking $600 Shipped
  10. Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152 Auto Top Off ATO Asking 65.00 Shipped
  11. I bought this skimmer from a fellow reefer but is way to much for my tank so looking to sell. Asking same thing I got it for + shipping. Still under warranty and I will include copy of receipt given to me from seller. $200.00 + plus shipping
  12. endy0430

    MaxSpect R420R LED