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  1. merfin70

    HighCurrent's 14g SPS Forest and Zoa Garden

    Following in the hopes of learning what to do and not do to in my IM14 as I downsize from my 65 gallon.
  2. merfin70

    Kerber13's 14 Gallon Peninsula

    Following as I'm setting up my own IM14 Peninsula as a means to downsize from my 65 gallon. Looking forward to you blaming a trail for me.
  3. Very nice Eddie. I look forward to seeing one in action.
  4. merfin70

    My semi-annual upgrade

    Not browning but bleaching/pale for me. Honestly, I'm not sure what's making it uphappy though of course its harder to keep parms stable in my tank size vs. yours.
  5. merfin70

    My semi-annual upgrade

    I need to make up my mind soon but it's pretty much a done deal that I'll go. The money they pay me is too good not to and NY is getting pretty expensive. The Atlanta Reef Club is pretty nice from what I hear so perhaps I'll find more people there that are into our hobby. I've been chatting with a few of them to see if folks will hold some of my pieces, including some that I got from you, so I have something waiting for me when I get there. Everyone has been pretty cool so far so I have high hopes. If I get it over with I can setup the new tank down there and stop staring at it empty. All of my frags are doing well but the Eddies PM, what a PAIN to color up. Is it that picky for you too? Its become my tank canary coral. If something shifts in the tank, the PM is the first one to let me know its PO'ed.
  6. merfin70

    My semi-annual upgrade

    The new tank is unfortunately dry. I might have to move to Atlanta for work and so its sitting in one of my spare bedrooms awaiting a decision. A bit depressing as I have everything ready to be plumbed and setup except for the light. I was going to go with the 8x39w Tek but they stopped making them. Now I'm looking at either the 6 or 8 light ATI Power Module. If I go the 6 light route, I might try the new ATI Sunpower. Those ATI fixtures ain't cheap !!!! For the moment, I'm stuck enjoying my 39g. So where did the efflo go?
  7. merfin70

    Here Fishy's CADLights 39 Signature

    Looks great fishy. I like the assortment of life you have in there from the urchin to the sun coral. The sun really pops in the front of the tank. I paid a visit to Eddie @ Cadlights today to pickup my new custom so I got a chance to take a look at the new light fixture. Much lighter than the original I have on mine. What's the red thing towards the left side of the tank BTW?
  8. merfin70

    Here Fishy's CADLights 39 Signature

    Very nice. The shrooms really pop in the picture.
  9. merfin70

    Merfin's Cadlights 39G Sig Tank

    No, I wish. I looked briefly at the Elos until I got the price tag and the shipping quote. They are great looking but that is one expensive setup. I'm having mine custom built by someone local where I can pickup everything myself.
  10. merfin70

    My semi-annual upgrade

    Wow, inspiring as always. So inspiring I've finally bitten the bullet and placed my order for an upgrade. Can't go as big as you but I'm inching up to a 65g shallow rimless (36" x 24" x 17"). I'm even thinking of going T5 and was thinking along the lines of the Tek fixtures you use. Any recommendation in terms of the # of bulbs. I'm guessing the 6 bulb version, would that be enough? I figure it would as its a shallow tank. Wish me luck. BTW, my frags look outstanding.
  11. merfin70


    Thanks Lalani, hope its doing well by you and thanks for the feedback. I checked you thread and the tank looks great.
  12. merfin70

    Lani's 40 Breeder

    Hey Lalani, I finally got around to checking for your new 40b thread and I find I'm already 21pages late. Vortech looks like its doing well by you. The tank looks fantastic.
  13. merfin70

    Merfin's Cadlights 39G Sig Tank

    Thanks. I'm the tattoo receiver. My love of coffee makes my hand shake too bad to ever do that as a profession. Plus, I'd feel bad inflicting pain on people, even though we pay for it. Hi Weetabix, I haven't checked your thread recently. Did you get your Vortec? How do you like it? I've been in a battle with mine all week. I cleaned it so its working so much better its actually pushing and spitting water over the edge. Everytime I think I have in set right, I come home to a bunch of salt drips. As for my V-C, my tank has never looked better. Took a bit to get the dose right and not drive down nutrients too far but I think I'm there now. The Amino Acid dosing continues as I'm a lite feeder so I need to dose the Aminos to keep my SPS looking nice. The colors are all coming back to be better than ever. Funniest story so far is on my Tubs Blues, the reason I originally started dosing V-C. I thought they died/melted back in December. They were on their way out when I started V-C and I didn't think I got there soon enough to save them. So, I had a green micro on the sand that I glued onto the spot where the Tubs were. Micro has been there since December. Last week one of my bully turbos knocked it off and I got lazy about putting it back for the week. I went to put it back over this weekend and low and behold, I see three Tubs polyps. Tiny, but they're trying. Is it the V-C, who knows, but I'm telling you the tubs were toast before I started dosing. I tried everything to save them. There was no way I could see them coming back but somehow they did. Even after being glued over for 3 months. Sorry to hear that kooolaid though I may be in a similar situation. Job may have me moving to Atlanta so I'm curtailing my coral spend. Horrible timing as I just ordered a custom, shallow rimless tank that I was so looking forward to tinkering with. Its a 65g (36" x 24" x 16").
  14. merfin70

    Merfin's Cadlights 39G Sig Tank

    Thanks Kooolaid, yours is looking good as well though its been a while since you've posted some new pics. I've been having fun experimenting with my Vitamin C dosing and simplifying the tank a bit. Also picked up a number of very nice SPS but they don't photograph too well as they are up high close to the MH. I did take a suite of new pics for comparison purposes as I get longer into my dosing regiem.
  15. merfin70

    Here Fishy's CADLights 39 Signature

    Looking good. How much room do you have between the front glass and the rock formation? If its decent space, I think it would look really good with a small little island up there to give you some different depths. Seeing your rock pieces now I can understand why you had problems getting everything stable. Lots of smaller sections to work together. On the evap, are you running the fan and if so where do you have it pointed? I find I don't need to run mine over the winter as the temps never cross 80 in the tank. If you can turn it off safely, will help a ton on the evap.