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    Reef tanks, Coral Propagation, Kiteboarding, Wakeboarding, Boating, Nature, loving TEXAS, Esoterica, DDR, Sportbikes, Herpetology (Mainly geckos and Dendrobates). Growing the plants of the Gods.<br /><br />I am also very proud of my family's Pagan heritage, even though many people take lightly of it.
  1. Summer Prize Giveaway

    My favorite coral at the moment has to be my Baby's Breath Favia
  2. ѕqυιяяεł'ѕ 10 gαł αgα

    Hehe, sorry but I'm really never on N-R anymore. I'm always on my local reefing forum and reef2reef.com Much nicer over there Glad to see your tank is doing good, I should be finished with my upgrade by the time my new baby comes in october
  3. ѕqυιяяεł'ѕ 10 gαł αgα

  4. Josh's 34g Halfmoon

    Thanks Lizzie, that'd be awesome, but I gotta hold off until I finish moving and setting up my new tank. I'll take you up on that offer sometime in the near future BUT....... I did end up buying a FEW (lol) LE chalices from a friend..... Some new acquisitions! Miami Hurricane: Emerald Mummy Eye: Ktar's Melting Pot: Tyree Watermelon: Tyree Red Watermelon: Rastafarian: CC Pink Lemonade: Afterburner: Starfall: Soon to be LE?
  5. ѕqυιяяεł'ѕ 10 gαł αgα

    So what all goodies did you pick up?
  6. Josh's 34g Halfmoon

  7. Just wondering if anyone has some helpful suggestions for some plant pictures I'm taking. I'm shooting using a Sony Alpha A200 dslr, in raw mode, iso and fstop varying from picture to picture. I'm still learning a lot about it, and running all pictures through Sony Image Data Converter, which most people say is a good program for adjusting pictures. While cropping and editing the pictures I tried to follow the rule of thirds. Here are a few pictures I've shot recently.
  8. Lizzie's 10G frag tank :P

    If it was me, and I were doing a 10g frag tank I would just modify a HOB into a fuge or do an in-tank area for mangroves and chaetomorpha. Remember, frag tanks rarely look pretty
  9. Josh's 34g Halfmoon

    LoL you're just anxious to see the tank set up because you know that you'll get much cooler frags then I'm hurrying as fast as I can, but it seems like my paycheck is a procrastinator and doesn't like to come in early
  10. Josh's 34g Halfmoon

    I will only promise pictures of it once I have the stand built!
  11. Lizzie's 10G frag tank :P

    If you're gonna build the sump yourself then you will need a product called Weld-On to connect the acrylic together. I actually had my sump custom made by TheCowKid on here.
  12. ѕqυιяяεł'ѕ 10 gαł αgα

    Aww love you pup, I need to take some more pictures of my danes
  13. Josh's 34g Halfmoon

  14. Josh's 34g Halfmoon