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  1. FS - Aquapod 24g. Southern California

    Also, includes the stand for the Aquapod 24G. Need this gone soon. Price drop to $150.
  2. Selling off the rest of my Aquapod 24G Setup 1) AP24G (No top) - Modded with MJ1200 2) Glass cover for the top. 3) Sunpod 150W with 14K bulb (I think). 4) Extra 10K bulb. 5) Hang on the back fuge with fuge light (light need replacement bulb). 6) a bunch of live rock - please see the pic. 7) a bunch of live sand - please see the pic. 8) 75W titanium ViaAqua Heater. 9) Test Kit (hardly Used) $200 obo Its still up and running. I'm in Irvine. 92620 Please PM with Questions or if you are interested. Thanks!
  3. SoCAL B & W Clownfish

    still available? Sent PM
  4. Chalice & Acan frags for sell in (OC)

    Interested. I'm in Irvine. Just PM-ed
  5. FS: New JBJ Nano Arctica Chiller $200

    Still available?
  6. Misc. Parts

    PM'ed bout the Koralia's
  7. Just PMed you. I'm interested.
  8. If the Sunpod isn't sold. I'm interested. Just Pmed.
  9. FS: Monti Cap, Zoas, Xenia

    Dibs on: 2. Monti Cap $8 3. Green Zoas (25+ polyps) and 1 pulsing Xenia stalk attached $15 Will send PM.
  10. I have a couple of Elephant Ear Mushrooms. Well, at least that is what I think they are. They are pretty big. Maybe 4"X6" and 4X8". Please see the pictures. Trade for other corals or anything else you got. In Socal , Torrance or Irvine.

    Justed PM'ed you. Would like to take a look. I'm in Irvine.
  12. SOLD

    PM sent, interested in whole 24gallon lot of stuff if available still.